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50 FREE Summer Activities for Families

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50 FREE Summer Activities for Families

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Three kids, three sets of braces needed, and a cut back on billable hours means this mama needs to find some Free Summer Activities for Families stat!

Here are some of our favorite free summer activities for families that promise a lot of summer vacation fun without having to spend a dime.

50 Free Summer Activities for Families

1. Movie Night

Watch a family favorite in the living room with the lights turned off!

2. Sprinkler Run

Turn on the sprinkler and take turns running through it.

3. Puzzle Mania

Put together a puzzle or see if a neighbor has one to trade!

4. Take a Hike

Put on some sunscreen and take a walk in the woods.

5. Beach Bound

Spend the day at your favorite free beach!

Don’t forget to pack snacks and bring your kite!

6. Make Your Own Ice Cream

Making ice cream is a lot of fun – not to mention delicious!

Making ice cream is a lot of fun – not to mention delicious!

50 FREE Summer Activities for Families

7. Playground Fun

Head to the local playground for some outdoor fun.

8. Outdoor Concerts

Attend a free outdoor concert that your town is hosting.

9. First Friday Freebies

Want to visit a museum?

See if it participates in First Fridays where admission is free!

10. Gardening with Kids

Start or tend to your garden.

50 FREE Summer Activities for Families

11. Stargazing

Put a blanket on the ground and look up at the stars after dark.

12. Fireworks

Watch for free fireworks shows that your town or city puts on around the 4th of July.

13. Dance Off

A dance competition can burn a lot of calories and create a lot of laughter!

14. Video Game Challenge

Our family is particularly fond of Mario Kart competitions, but play whatever video game your family likes best.

15. Volunteer

Volunteer at the local animal shelter for the morning.

50 FREE Summer Activities for Families

16. Summer Reading Programs

Participate in your library’s free summer reading programs and earn prizes.

17. Visit the Library

Visit the library to get some new books, music, or games.

18. Sidewalk Art

Break out the sidewalk chalk and create some beautiful art.

19. Summer Festivals

Attend free summer art and music festivals.

20. Farmers’ Markets

Browse the weekly Farmers’ Markets; they often have free special events!

21. Car Shows

Car clubs are in full swing during the summer months, so keep an eye out for local car shows.

22. Free Ice Cream Days

July is National Ice Cream Month – the perfect time for your favorite ice cream parlor to offer a free ice cream day!

23. Bake Cookies

Whip up a batch of your favorite cookies.

Use them to make 5-minute ice cream sandwiches!

24. Play Board Games

Have a Family Game Night or Family Game Day where you play all of your favorite board and card games.

50 FREE Summer Activities for Families

25. Go to the Lake

Drive to the lake and spend some time by the water.

26. Go Fishing

Grab your rods and head out to catch (and release!) some fish.

27. Roast S’Mores

Fire up the backyard fire pit and roast some marshmallows for delicious S’mores!​

28. Have a Backyard Barbecue

Invite some friends or neighbors over and have an impromptu backyard barbecue potluck!

29. Play Ball

Play soccer, basketball, football or baseball for some outdoor activity fun.

50 FREE Summer Activities for Families

30. Play Charades

Who in your family is best at charades?

Play and find out! Here are some free charades cards for you.

31. Look Through Old Photo Albums

Dig out the old photo albums and spend time looking through the memories.

32. Play Frisbee

Play Frisbee or Frisbee Golf in the backyard, at the park, or at the beach.

33. Ride a Bike

Put on your helmet and go for a bike ride on the trails or around town.

34. Fly a Kite

When the wind whips up, it’s the perfect time to fly a kite.

35. Read a Book

Read a new book or an old favorite.

36. Make Your Own Mini-Golf Course in the Backyard

Create your own mini-golf course in the backyard and play a round!

37. Drink Lemonade

Mix up a batch of tasty lemonade and enjoy a glass on the porch.

Try these kid-friendly gourmet lemonade recipes to kick it up a notch!

38. Make a Scrapbook

Start a scrapbook or memory box of all of your summer experiences.

39. Play with Blocks

Whether you’re making an intricate design with hundreds of bricks or stacking blocks into a tall, tall tower, it’s sure to be a ton of fun.

50 FREE Summer Activities for Families

40. Window Shop at the Mall

When the weather is hot outside, cool down by walking the mall and browsing!

41. Play in the Rain

Thankfully, people don’t usually melt in the rain, so put on your rain boots and head outside to play.

If there’s lightening though, stay indoors!

42. Paint Kindness Rocks

Paint rocks with inspirational messages or cute drawings and leave them around town as part of the Kindness Rock project.

43. Make Slime

It doesn’t matter what kind you make, just have fun making slime!​

44. Play BINGO

Whether you’re at home or on the go, play a game of BINGO with the family!

45. Have a Bike Wash in the Driveway

Invite some friends to bring their bikes over and set up a bike wash in your driveway.

46. Take Pictures and Have a Photo Show

Encourage family members to take pictures around the house or neighborhood, print them out, and then display them for a summer night photo show.

47. Have a Water Gun Fight

Grab the water guns and get ready to be blasted by watery fun!

48. Go to Yard Sales

Dig through the cushions and find some change before heading out to browse yard sales on a Saturday morning.

49. Play Hide and Seek

Search for the perfect hiding spots around the house or in the backyard and play a rousing game of Hide and Seek!

50. Have Ice Cream for Dinner!

When all else fails, have ice cream for dinner!

What are some of your favorite summer activities?

We’d love to hear about them!

Leave a comment below and share!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.