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ADHD in Children

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ADHD in Children

Generally, with ADHD in children, there is a lack of attention, frequent boredom, or the inability to follow directions.

Most children have these issues during childhood.

However, when these behaviors start interfering with daily functions at home or in school, ADHD could be the reason.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tends to be more commonly diagnosed in boys than girls, and signs can usually be seen before the age of seven.

Symptoms of ADHD

Children with ADHD typically move constantly, fidget, or squirm.

They have difficulty paying attention because they are easily distracted or bored.

There are usually problems with following directions and completing tasks as they are may be forgetful.

Also, ADHD can cause children to talk excessively, interrupt others, and act impulsively.

Before my son was diagnosed, I would also wonder, “Is hyperfixation a symptom of ADHD?” (The answer is yes!)

Causes of ADHD

Heredity can be a cause of children with ADHD. It’s possible that it is just in their genes.

Another reason could be because of a chemical imbalance in their brain.

A brain injury could also contribute to causing ADHD in children.

Diagnosis of ADHD

When symptoms of ADHD are present in all situations, all the time, children should be examined by a professional.

A doctor will obtain the child’s medical history, as well as complete a physical examination.

After that, a psychiatric assessment will take place.

Based on the findings of these tests, it’s likely that a specialist will be seen in order to confirm the diagnosis of ADHD.

Treatment for ADHD

ADHD cannot be cured, only managed. Medication, psychosocial therapy, or a combination of both can be used to deal with ADHD.

Prescription medications for ADHD are typically stimulants that control hyperactivity and increase attention.

Psychosocial therapy can range from social skills training to counseling. The treatment decided is based on the needs of the individual child.

Another way to help manage ADHD is to make sure children are getting enough sleep, have healthy diets, and regular exercise.

Being outside in nature also helps to control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Vitamin D is important!

Children should spend at least thirty minutes every day outside doing “green time”.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.