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Homeschooling with Education Perfect

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I have always believed that child-led learning is the way to go when it comes to education. Sure, it’s not always practical, but the results? They’re always pretty amazing.

Education Perfect

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Engaged Kids = Happy Kids

So, sites like Education Perfect are always on my radar because they gave my tweens and teens the option to explore things that interest them. 

And interested, engaged kids are happy kids.

I know you have a ton of online resources to choose from, but that’s why I’m so excited to share Education Perfect and their Homeschool Product with you. It stands out from the crowd and has so many different offerings! If you are looking for a resource that can serve as an interest-led starting point for your kids, it’s a no-brainer.

Education Perfect

What Makes Education Perfect Special

Let’s face it – there are a ton of platforms out there that offer classes for homeschooled kids these days. While they all have their pros and cons, the majority of them are truly designed for preschool and elementary-age students. That’s wonderful, but when you need classes for tweens and teens it can get a bit challenging.

That’s where Education Perfect’s Homeschool Product comes in!

For Students, Education Perfect: 

  • has over 40,000 extracurricular lessons, experiments, and topics you can pick and choose from. 
  • is easy to use format that you can access on your tablet or computer. 
  • has monthly homeschool learning festivals and competitions that you can enter to win prize money for your efforts.

For Parents, Education Perfect:

  • is the one place for every topic your child could want to explore. There are so many different topics!
  • solves the dilemma of where to find high-quality classes for older kids, because the site is geared toward tweens and teens!  
  • saves you money with up to five learner accounts per subscription. It’s perfect for big families.

What We Loved About Education Perfect

As part of our state’s requirements, homeschoolers have to submit a portfolio at the end of the year that shows growth. One cool thing about Education Perfect’s Homeschool Product is that there are assessments that help you gauge where your child is at and then, how far they have come. That’s perfect for portfolio inclusion!

We also appreciate the variety of classes and topics to choose from for older learners. It gives kids a sense of freedom in being able to select classes that interest them and then pursue those topics.

As a parent, I love that one subscription covers all three of my kids. There have been plenty of classes that we’ve taken in the past that required individual subscriptions for each child. That’s not always financially feasible. So, for one price, I can have a solution for all of them that will last all school year long!

Speaking of price…

Education Perfect

Save 20% with the Code save20

Using the special code save20, you can save 20% on your Education Perfect subscription.

With both a yearly option and a monthly subscription, you can make sure that your tweens and teens have access to exploring their interests all year long!

Not sure if it’s a good fit for you? Schedule a FREE 15-minute demo to see the site for yourself before committing! You can also check out their Facebook community to see what others are saying and learn how they’re using it with their children.

Give your children the gift of interest exploration. Sign-up for Education Perfect today!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.