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Fun Facts About Mermaids

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Discover mysterious fun facts about mermaids!

Mermaids, and mermen, are magical creatures that live in the waters of oceans, seas, and even lakes. 

They can be found in both saltwater and freshwater. 

Mermaids are natural beings with a body that is part human and part fish. 

Their upper body is human, while their lower body is the tail of a fish. 

They are found in old fables of folklore all over the world and still prove to be as magical and mysterious today as they once were a long time ago.  

Fun Facts About Mermaids

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Let’s find out what makes mermaids so mystifying!

Mermaid Facts for Kids

There are Four Kinds of Mermaids

You can find four kinds of mermaids throughout history. 

These mermaid types include traditional, selkies, shape-shifters, and merfolk. 

The most common of the mermaids is the traditional Oceanid mermaid that can be found only in the sea. 

Selkies are another type of mermaid. 

These mermaids can shed their tail and walk on land for a short period of time. 

There are also shape-shifting mermaids that can change into the human form whenever they wish. 

Finally, merfolk spend most of their lives on land in the human form, but retreat to the water frequently to recharge their spirits.   

Fun Facts About Mermaids

Mermaids are Extremely Beautiful

If you took everything you believe to be beautiful and made it into a being, it would look like a mermaid. 

The beauty of a mermaid is enchanting, alluring, and captivating. 

So much so, that you may just want to kiss a mermaid. 

If you do get the chance to kiss a mermaid, magical things may happen. 

You can grow gills to help you breathe underwater, be forever young, or you can even develop healing powers. 


Mermaids are Have Incredible Abilities

There are many strengths of a mermaid, both magical and physical. 

They are really good at controlling the elements, such as water, wind, and fire. 

Some of the incredible abilities of mermaids include the power to move both water and air, the ability to summon lightning, and the power to create and control ice. 

These are just a few of the incredible strengths of a mermaid. 

Cool, right?

The Voice of a Mermaid is Mesmerizing

Hearing a mermaid sing can put you in a trance. 

Their voices are so captivating and powerful that their songs can make you forget everything else that is going on. 

Some singing mermaids are known as sirens. 

There are stories about sirens who can lure sailors below the water with just the sound of their voice. 


Fun Facts About Mermaids

Mermaid Tears Make Gemstones

The gemstone of the sea is known as aquamarine. 

It is a very beautiful green blue crystal that is believed to have been created from the tears of mermaids. 

Aquamarine is also used by sailors for protection and healing. 

It can help sailors who are having a hard time at sea or who have fallen into the water.  

Interesting Facts About Mermaids

Mermaids, selkies, shape-shifters, and merfolk are such interesting and magical creatures.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to discover one day that mermaids actually do exist? 

Until then, we’ll have to just keep believing. 

What do you think? 

Do you believe in mermaids?

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