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Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Classroom

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Here’s how to make your classroom boo-tiful for Halloween without breaking the bank! 

Check out these inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas.

Cheap Decoration Ideas for Halloween

You want your classroom to be a place of learning and wonder, and that means changing up the scenery for the seasons. 

But that’s hardly written in the school budget.  

Don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to spend your paycheck at the Halloween store to give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.  

Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Classroom

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Inexpensive Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Classroom

You don’t have to be a crafting wizard to create some fabulous Halloween fun in your classroom.

These cheap decoration ideas are simple to make and budget-friendly.

Spiders on the Web

Get some stretchy spider web floss and cast webs in your corners and over your bookshelves. 

Add a few plastic spiders and you’re ready for the holiday!

Googly Ghost Garland

If you have access to a die-cutter, garlands are the way to go! 

Cut a bunch of ghosts or pumpkins, stick on some large googly eyes, and staple them to some yarn or string. 

This is the perfect trim for your whiteboard!

Eye Am Watching You

A good teacher has eyes in the back of her head, right? 

Keep some on your desk. 

Use an extra-large jar (I can eat my weight in pickles so I always have a pickle jar) and fill it with water and eyeball ping-pong balls

Flying Bats

Get out that die-cutter and make some black bats out of construction paper. 

Tape them to your walls in groups (or dangle them from the ceiling with fishing line)

Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Classroom

Ghost Balloons for a Halloween Party

Latex balloons don’t stay inflated with helium forever, but if you have a one-day Halloween function you can quickly (and cheaply) turn white balloons into ghosts. 

Just use some black Sharpie to color in eyes and a mouth! 

Tape some white streamers to the base of the balloons for extra ghostly fun.

Spell with Jars of Candy

Get out your paper letters and mason jars! 

Tape a black letter on each mason jar to spell a Halloween word, like “BOO,” “EEK,” or “TRICK.” 

Then fill each mason jar with a Halloween treat, such as candy corn, marshmallow pumpkins, or Reese’s Pieces. 

Bonus: You can grab a sugar boost whenever you need it!  

Pumpkin Decor

When you cut into a pumpkin, you start the timer on decomposition. 

Decorate your real pumpkin (or use a fake one) with paint or washi tape instead. 

That way it can beautify your room in October and beyond!

Styrofoam Spiders

Spray some 3-inch styrofoam balls with black spray paint, then cut four pipe cleaners in half to make 8 legs for the spider. 

You don’t have to stick with black pipe cleaners: orange, green, and purple are also perfect Halloween color choices.

Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Classroom

Lollipop Ghost Garland

Turn Tootsie Pops into a ghost garland by covering each lollipop with white facial tissue. 

Secure with a little white ribbon.

Use a black marker to draw eyes and mouth on each ghost. 

Hang them from the ceiling with fishing line or tie them together to make a ghoulish garland.

Balloon Pumpkin Garland

Inflate some orange balloons and turn them upside down (tie end on top). 

Use a Sharpie to draw a Jack-o-lantern face on each one. 

Tie the stems together with string.

Bloody Candles

Light a red candle (make sure it is solid red and not just red dipped) and drip the crimson wax onto some white pillar candles.

Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Classroom

Classroom Decorations for Halloween

Make your classroom spook-tacular with these cheap and easy Halloween decorating ideas for the classroom!

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