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Homeschool Government Course

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Searching for a unique self-paced homeschool government course that will keep your child engaged while teaching and encouraging them to think? This one may be the answer to your quest!

Self-Paced Homeschool Government Course -

Homeschool Government Curriculum

With my almost 17-year-old entering his junior year of high school, we have been searching for a self-paced homeschool government course that could satisfy his high school transcript needs.

So, when I was able to check out Boundary Stone’s Basic American Government Course Bundle, I was highly optimistic that it would be a program that would work for our family.

Combined with their Basic Economics Course Bundle, the two courses equal a one-year curriculum which is equal to one high school credit.

Homeschooling high school is hard enough, but finding curriculum that meets all of the requirements and looks great on transcripts is even harder. Thankfully, the two Boundary Stone courses make it SO. MUCH. EASIER.

What We Love About the self-Paced Government Curriculum

I’ll admit that studying government is not my favorite thing. I know it’s important and I know my kids need to learn about how the government works, but my experience learning about it was akin to watching paint dry. It was so boring!

That experience made exploring this course so intriguing because I found it to be anything but boring. Here are the five things we loved the most about Boundary Stone’s self-paced government curriculum.

Self-Paced Homeschool Government Curriculum

5 Things You Need to Know About Boundary Stone’s Government Course

1 – The lesson-a-day format makes planning so easy!

I loved being able to just assign a day and be done. Each lesson has step-by-step directions and a “Today’s Big Question” that gets kids to think about what they’re learning.

The online format makes it super easy to track what needs to be done and see how far along in the course you are. For kids who are motivated by seeing “how much they have left to do”, this feature is highly motivating.

2 – This is not your public school’s government curriculum.

Remember how I said that my high school government class was dull? Well, the first sentence of the preface of the book that’s used in this curriculum, Basic American Government by Clarence B. Carson, says:

“It would be a considerable fraud to do a book on American government which talked as if the constitution were still being substantially observed, that pretended that when Presidents took the oath of office they intended to observe the bounds set by the Constitution, that Congressmen recited their pledges with the same intent, and that Federal judges were still construing the Constitution as it was written.”

Basic American Government by Clarence B. Carson

Let’s just say that that one sentence sets the stage for a unique and interesting look at American Government and how it is run today versus how it was intended in the Constitution.

3 – There are quizzes to test comprehension and check progress.

One of the things I always worry about is being able to accurately assess how much information the kids are actually retaining. It’s a struggle – especially when preparing high school grades and transcripts.

Boundary Stone’s Basic American Government course comes with built in quizzes that test for understanding and retention. However, they also state at the beginning of the course that because there are often fewer questions on a quiz, missing even one question can lead to a lower grade than what the student might expect.

I love that they stress that it’s just a way for kids to get an idea of what they really grasp and what areas they’re weak in. The quizzes don’t define them or their overall success.

Self-Paced American Government Curriculum for Homeschoolers

4 – Videos make it interesting!

Visual learners, rejoice! In addition to the text book and online lessons, there are also videos that are incorporated into the lessons, This not only makes the lessons more interesting and engaging, but it presents the information in a different way.

As a mom of kids who all learn in different ways, the fact that the course material is presented in a variety of ways makes it even more appealing.

5 – It’s awesome for co-ops and small group online courses.

Teens generally love socializing and even in this day and age where in-person co-ops and small groups are not a great option, Boundary Stone has bundles designed for homeschool co-op teachers. They include multi-print licenses (so the PDF or printed copies can be distributed) and the study guide suggested answers can be printed for parents to check the work at home or after the class.

This makes it amazing for online homeschool government course co-op classes because everyone can have access to the material and then discuss it via Zoom.

Try a FREE Self-Paced Course

While we loved the Basic American Government course we also love that there are free classes that you can try out to get a feel for how Boundary Stone’s programs work.

The Household Budget Mini-course is comprised of 13 lessons and teaches kids about the basics of budgeting. The Law Mini-Course is perfect for those who are more interested in learning about the purpose of law.

Both of the classes are a great way to test-drive the way the courses work.

You can also sign up for Boundary Stone’s Newsletter to find out more and get helpful articles and offers emailed to you!

Make High School Credits Easy!

Take the stress out of finding the right high school classes and enroll in the Basic American Government Course this school year! It’s eye-opening, engaging, and will get your kids thinking.

Take 15% off your purchase through 8/23/2020 with the code StoneReward2020. And enter to win a FULL HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT with the Government and Economics bundle below!

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