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11 Best Games to Play on Zoom

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Looking for some ways to connect with family and friends online?

Check out these 11 best games to play on Zoom or FaceTime and let the fun begin!

11 Games to Play on Zoom with Friends and Family

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Best Games to Play on Zoom

Social distancing isn’t so bad if you can still play fun games on Zoom with friends and family!

Each game below explains how to modify the game for an online setting.

All of the games are kid-friendly and can be modified to your specific needs.

So, get ready to laugh and smile as you try out the 11 best games to play during your next Zoom meeting with family and friends!

ZOOM and FaceTime Games to Play with Friends and Family


Turn your Zoom meeting into an acting stage with a game of charades.

When it is each player’s turn, they will start the timer and will begin to act out activities or words for others to guess.

If playing in teams, only the team member can shout out the answer.

If playing a free-for-all, the first player to guess correctly within 30 seconds wins.

The first team or individual to reach 10 wins the game!

If playing Charades near the holidays, try this free Christmas Charades game!

Best Zoom and FaceTime Games for Families and Friends


You may have a box of Trivial Pursuit laying around with all those incredibly difficult trivia
questions, but even if you don’t the internet can provide for all of your trivia needs.

Find a long list of trivia questions and go head to head with your Zoom pals.

Have a timer and take turns quizzing each other to see who can correctly answer the most questions.


Getting tired of the same old games?

Try a virtual scavenger hunt!

You and your Zoom friends will have a list of things to find throughout your respective spaces.

For example, something blue or something sentimental, or maybe a noisy object.

Whatever you decide to be a part of the scavenger hunt works.

Set a timer for 2 minutes and get to hunting!

After two minutes, come back together and show your off your finds.

The Best Zoom Games for Kids


Pictionary is always a game that carries with it a ton of fun – especially if you’re not the best doodler!

You can either do this on a standard piece of paper with the camera facing the paper while you draw or share your screen and start doodling as best you can on a drawing app.


Looking at the other person’s screen, choose an object in the background.

Say “I spy…” and begin to describe the object.

The other person will then look around their space and see if they can find what you’re describing.

If multiple people are playing, the first person to guess what you are
describing wins and is then the spy!

The great thing about this game is that it gets you to really take a look at what’s in your space and connect to the present moment.

11 Games to Play on Zoom for Kids and Families

Virtual escape rooms

Check out some of these digital escape rooms and play together with family and friends online.

There’s something for everyone of all ages!

Simply share your screen to play together!


The Bring Me game is super simple and is kind of like the “fetch” equivalent for humans. 😉

Very similar to the scavenger hunt game, your Zoom pals will be fetching a number of things that you ask for.

They have 2 minutes to find all the things you have listed.

These items could be simple like two different shoes or more sentimental like something that brings you joy.


Everyone starts by holding up all ten fingers.

Decide in which order you and your friends will take turns andbegin!

On each player’s turn they will say, “Never have I ever…” and then fill in the blank of
something they’ve never done.

For example, “Never have I ever been to Alaska.” If anyone has done whatever the player has said, they must put a finger down.

The first player to put down all ten fingers is out.

Play until there is only one person left!

The Best Zoom Games for Kids Classes and Families


Cue up some songs on YouTube or on Spotify.

During your Zoom game night, quiz your friends and family to see if they can name the tune.

A fun way to play is Quizzo style, where you play 10 songs in a row but only 20 seconds of each.

The player that gets the most correct wins the round!


Fairly simple, this game’s name explains its purpose.

You can play by taking turns
saying what some of your favorite things are, such as favorite color, favorite song, etc.

Another way to play could be to list two things and each person votes on their favorite of the

When everyone votes, those who voted for the favorite of the two, win that round!

11 Best Zoom Games for Family Game Night


Even if you don’t have bingo boards readily available in a tangible form, the Internet has you covered.

In fact, if you’re playing with kids, you might like these Christmas or Thanksgiving BINGO cards.

Make sure your Zoom friends print different boards than you or everyone will win all the time!

You can download a BINGO number generator app if you’re playing a traditional BINGO game and get to playing!

Games to play on ZOOM

These 10 games to play on Zoom or FaceTime can give you, your kids, friends, and extended family members a much needed and laughter-filled game night.

Playing these games can be done while socially distancing or with friends and family who live hours or continents away.

Share a screenshot of your game night with us on Instagram @MamaTeaches!

We can’t wait to see what sort of fun you get into.

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