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Creating a Homeschool Preschool Schedule

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Creating a homeschool preschool schedule involves a little creativity and a hard look at what your family really needs.

The good news?

You can absolutely do it!

Creating a Homeschool Preschool Schedule

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Back to school time can be the most exciting (and at times, overwhelming) time of the year.

With so many things to tick off the list and get done with, it can all get a bit too much at times.

And that’s true for parents who are homeschooling too- in fact even more for them. 

And if you too, are struggling to create a homeschool schedule for your preschooler, here’s a bit of help your way.

Read on to discover why and how you can do just that. 

Why Create a Schedule?

While no two days in a row are the same, at least not for a mom who’s homeschooling her child- some days can be crazier than others, but creating a schedule or staying organized can really make a difference, and bring some sanity into your life. 

Setting a basic routine can help you navigate through the sea of tasks with ease, and stay more focused and accomplished. 

Creating a Homeschool Preschool Schedule

Creating a Schedule: The Right Way

Ready to create a homeschool schedule for your preschooler?

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. 

  • Start with a basic household routine, and then take it up a notch. Everything from laundry days and meal prep times to bathtimes and bathroom cleaning times- chalk out a basic outline for the tiny tasks that take up your day. 
  • Sort out activities and lessons in chunks. Instead of focusing on entire subjects for an entire day, for extended hours in the day, break it down into smaller chunks and spread them out throughout the day.
  • Set realistic expectations. Set some buffer time aside for unexpected events that can, and will happen- the washing machine may overflow, the dog might need a trip to the vet, or you might need to take a quick trip to the grocery store. 
  • Prioritize– set the major homeschool task that you aim to complete each day, and try to accomplish it first. To make sure you actually get done with these tasks, put them up on hooks of other tasks- for instance, you could move onto a particular project that’s a part of your homeschool plan right after lunch, every day. 
  • Do what feels natural. You’ll come across tons of advice online about which parts of the day you should be trying to get which particular homeschool tasks done, but in the end, it is best to do what feels natural for you. For instance, if your family isn’t one that jumps out of bed in the morning and has a productive first half of the day, don’t try to force it. 
  • Get your little one involved. Allow your toddler to have a little control over the empty time slots available in the upcoming week. For instance, if he wants to work on a craft activity on Monday, and learn his math on Friday, make it happen. 

The Best Homeschool Preschool Schedule

Remember, at the end of the day, the best homeschool preschool schedule is the one that works best for you and your family.

In order to make learning fun, it’s important to take some of the pressure off and relish the fact that you have the freedom and opportunity to explore different topics, try new things, and visit new places – all in the name of learning.

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