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Free Summer Learning Resources

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Summer is flying by but now is the time to start gearing up for the school year ahead.

That means practicing everything from math skills to vocabulary – in a fun way, of course!

These free summer learning resources can help!

Free Summer Learning Trials and Resources

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3 Free Resources to Check Out

With my oldest being in his 20s and my youngest about to start high school in just a few weeks, we have been through a lot of different free summer learning resources in our time.

Some have been great and some have been not so great.

The ideas below are ones that consistently worked for us and that my kids actually looked forward to doing.

I hope they help your students too!

Online Learning

There are so many options for online learning these days.

While you can take one-off classes at many sites, our go-to has consistently been Homeschool Buyers Club (formerly Homeschool Buyers Co-op), because they always have a ton of free summer learning resources.

As the mom, I found it was a great way to test drive curriculums before the school year started without having to pay anything.

hbc logo

As with former years, this year they are offering 19 FREE resources that will help get your child back into the flow of learning everything from reading to math.

For 2022 they are:

  1. Thinkwell Free Trial
  2. Reading Skills Assessment Ongoing
  3. HomeSchoolPiano Trial
  4. Code Avengers Free Trial
  5. Monarch
  6. Kids Guitar Academy Trial
  7. Mr Henry’s Music World Freebie
  8. Free Trial
  9. Mark Kistler Art Lessons
  10. Creta Class 7 Day Trial
  11. Math Mammoth PDFs
  13. Reading Eggs
  14. Doodlemaths
  15. Smile and Learn
  16. History Alive Grades 6-12
  17. History Alive Grades 1-6
  18. Vocabulary Quest
  19. Dynamic Earth Learning (Aquaponics Course)

If one of the programs really works well for your family and you decide to purchase it for the school year, the Homeschool Buyers Club is also offering three free gifts with purchase!

Homeschool Buyers Club
gift 1

With so many different free resources to try out, Homeschool Buyers Club is always one of our first stops for summer learning resources.

Learn more about them and check out the free courses before they expire on August 15th!

Local Libraries

Local libraries always tend to step it up for the summer months.

They fill the learning gap that summer break creates and try to get the entire community involved.

I feel like they are often overlooked resources, but they have so much to offer that it’s silly to write them off.

With everything from summer reading challenges for elementary and middle school to movie nights and performances, your local library is a treasure trove of summer learning resources!

Pro Tip: Most libraries have free audiobooks that are fabulous for playing during car rides during the summer!

Summer Learning Resources

Historical Sites & Cities

We’re fortunate enough to live near places that are central to the history of the United States.

Valley Forge Park, where Washington had his encampment during the winter, is 5-minutes away and Philadelphia is a quick 30-minute drive.

In the summer, these places and other locations throughout the country open their doors and resources for summer learning.

From park bench storytelling in Valley Forge to tours with Ben Franklin, there are so many learning opportunities to be had.

National parks are also a great resource for summer learning as they can teach about geography and geology, migration, historical events, and more.

For the most part, this education is free of charge.

There are, of course, some special services that charge a nominal fee, but for the most part, you are free to explore and learn.

Free Summer Learning Resources for Kids

The Key to Summer Learning

Whether you want more informal learning to happen during the summer or something more structured, there are a ton of free summer learning resources that can have a huge impact on your summer experience.

Explore what works best for your family and choose options that give you and them an exciting, stress-free experience.

Above all, remember to have fun!


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