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Homeschooling 6th Grade

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Middle school has begun!

Here is the essential info on homeschooling 6th grade.

Homeschooling 6th Grade

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Homeschooling a 6th Grader

Now that your child has officially entered the middle grades, you want to lay the groundwork for high school success. 

Shore up those foundational skills: reading, writing, and math.

Consider some form of standardized testing (like Stanford 10, Iowa, or MAP) to help figure out where your child needs extra help and to give him practice in taking standardized tests (an important skill for high school).

Continue to support her as she figures out what she loves to do.

Encourage her to try or continue some form of physical activity that she enjoys, from dance to horseback riding to yoga.

Does she have a creative outlet?

This could be anything from music to painting to acting to coding.

Remember, you are schooling your whole child, not just her brain.

So make time for her emotional and physical well-being too. 

Homeschooling 6th Grade

6th Grader Homeschool Learning Objectives

As you look to strengthen the core academic skills of reading, writing, and math, keep these 6th-grade learning objectives in mind.

Remember, everyone learns and grows at different rates.

Your child may whiz past the benchmarks for reading but need help in math.

Or your student may be an accomplished artist but struggle with spelling.

That is normal! 

Homeschooling gives you the time to work with your child one-on-one and give extra help when needed.

It also enables you to blend what he loves (like Minecraft) with a subject he is less enthused to try (like math or creative writing).

Reading and Language Arts

  • Reads and comprehends different types of writing: both fiction and nonfiction
  • Can write a three-paragraph paper with intro, body, and conclusion
  • Applies grammar knowledge to writing and editing
  • Understands and applies synonyms, antonyms, and multiple-meaning words
  • Knows library research skills


  • Can decode word problems to decide if addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division is needed
  • Can complete two-step word problems
  • Works with fractions, percentages, and ratios
  • Can draw and interpret graphs
  • Works with variables and integers
Homeschooling 6th Grade

Science (these will vary depending on your curriculum)

  • Studies plants and plant systems
  • Learns to identify and classify common plants
  • Conducts experiments according to the scientific method
  • Records data in charts and graphs
  • Uses instruments of measurement with accuracy

Social Studies (these will also vary)

  • Study ancient civilizations from around the world 
  • Can label continents and oceans
  • Learns about historical sources: recorded history, literature, and archaeology
  • Presents projects and reports on historical topics
  • Constructs a timeline of ancient history
Homeschooling 6th Grade

Curricula for Homeschooling 6th Grade

If you have been homeschooling up to this point, you probably have a program that works for your child.

Perhaps you want to tweak a subject or two to find a better fit, but you likely know your homeschooling style and will continue with what is working for your family.

If you are new to homeschooling, don’t stress about the curriculum!

There are a host of wonderful programs out there, from online to written, from independent to teacher-supervised to parent-led, from secular to religious. 

Before you begin to look, think about what would suit both you and your child.

It has to fit both of you.

You can find a fabulous program, but if it requires more from you as a teacher than you have time to give, then it is not the right program.

Or your child may crave independent work, but he lacks the follow-through to succeed with this style.

You will need a program where you can guide or check in on his progress.

Independent 6th Grade Homeschool

Easy Peasy is an all-online, 100% free homeschool option for independent work.

You set the lessons for your child, and then she clicks through them day by day. 

Typing is a subject your child can do independently, and it is time to incorporate this skill into your homeschool.

Typing Instructor for Kids has kids navigate challenges to reach the castle.

You can choose from 11 customizable typing plans, both with and without games (but why eliminate the games?).

Homeschooling 6th Grade

Teacher-Supervised 6th Grade Homeschool

If you’d like someone else to keep track of your student’s progress, try

This is a form of public school virtual schooling, but your child gets to learn at home.

Their materials are top-notch.

And since it is a public school option, it’s free!

The Potter School is a longtime online course provider that teaches from a Christian worldview.

They offer live and interactive classes.

You can take individual courses or sign up for a full curriculum.

Parent-Led 6th Grade Homeschool

Ambleside Online offers a free Charlotte-Mason-inspired curriculum.

They provide the book lists and lesson plans, but you as the parent must oversee it. 

Abeka is an all-in-one Christian curriculum provider with a full 6th-grade curriculum in a box.

They provide the books for parent and child (absolutely everything you need), but you are the teacher. 

Homeschooling 6th Grade Daily Schedule

It is time to establish a routine that sets up your child for success.

Although 6th-grade work usually takes 3-4 hours to complete, your child may need more time if he needs to take frequent breaks or has trouble focusing.

If you haven’t already, have a consistent daily start time (and this means a consistent bedtime) to make the most of your school day.

Remember that academics aren’t the only piece of your homeschool.

Make sure your child has time for some activities he enjoys, time with friends and family, and free time for himself.

If possible, get school done by the early afternoon so he has time for other pursuits.

Homeschooling 6th Grade

How to Make Homeschool for 6th Grade a Success

The middle school years are some of the best to homeschool.

They are pivotal, but that doesn’t mean they have to be difficult.

Choose your curriculum, add in a couple of activities, and set up a weekly plan that works for your family.

Homeschooling 6th grade is completely doable!

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