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Fun Writing Activities for Middle School

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Does your middle schooler heave a sigh when it’s time for writing? 

Add some appeal to the subject of writing with these fun writing activities for middle school. 

Fun Writing Activities for Middle School

Writing Activities for Middle School

The six types of writing are descriptive, expository, persuasive, technical, and poetic.  (I know, I know, your middle schooler is nodding off already.)

The truth is these writing types can be enjoyable if you have some fun topic ideas. 

Not only does it make writing fun, but it also gives students a chance to practice those dreaded middle school spelling words that they need to master.

Read on for some writing activities that are fun and (ssh! Don’t tell!) educational.

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Descriptive Writing Activities for MIddle School

As the name implies, descriptive writing describes something. 

You want to create mental pictures for your reader so they can see in their mind’s eye exactly what you are describing. 

This writing style can be a delight to compose if you like the topic, so pick one that resonates with your student.

Describe the car of the future  

Use your imagination to describe all the amazing features it will have.  What will it look like?  

Imagine an alien is your pen pal  

How would you describe yourself so your alien friend knows what you look like?

Describe the ideal pet

Some people love hamsters, and others love hounds. 

Some adore cats, while others keep chameleons. 

What is your ideal pet?  Describe it in detail. 

What does it feel like? Look like? Eat? How does it act?

Expository Writing Activities for Middle School 

Expository writing gives information, but it does so in a different way from descriptive writing. 

It is all about the facts and lacks flowery language. 

Like a newspaper article, it investigates an idea, subject, or event.  

Newspaper articles written by dogs  

Imagine there is a secret underground dog newspaper that dogs write and distribute that tells the news of the day from their perspective. 

Write an article for that paper as a doggie journalist. 

Consider possible titles like “Scuffle at the Dog Park,”  “Duck Befriends Dog,”  or “Frisbee Competition Wows All.” 

Compare and contrast the best and worst pizzas

Everyone has an opinion on pizza.  Compare your favorite pizza with your least favorite. 

Consider all the elements: size, crust, temperature, and toppings.

Write a how-to  

Topics could be how to be happy, how to play Minecraft, how to be a good friend, how to make perfect pancakes, or anything else you know how to do (or would like to think through how to be).

fun writing activities for middle school

Persuasive Writing Activities for Middle School

Ah, middle schoolers, how they love to argue.  Channel that natural proclivity to argue into persuasive writing.

Whether children should have chores

Let them choose pro or con (can you imagine a child choosing pro?). 

Whether parents should limit their kids’ screen time 

Consider having them outline both pro and con and choose one to write about. 

It’s always good to think through both sides before you write about one.

Whether companies should market their products to kids

Aren’t you curious as to which side your student will pick?

Technical Writing Activities for Middle School

Some students say they are not good writers because they dislike creative writing, but your logical, detail-oriented students will shine doing technical writing. 

Although this writing style is, well, technical, you can introduce it in middle school.

Write a manual on how to use a certain phone app or device

My son has to show me how to manage the settings on my Roku, so he could write me a manual for that…

Create a sales pitch brochure 

Imagine a product you invented, and write a brochure convincing someone to buy it. 

Be informative and persuasive. You can include pictures!

Fun Writing Activities for Middle School

Poetic Writing Activities for Middle School

Children were raised on poetry (think of Dr. Seuss), so although writing poetry may seem like a daunting task to some, they have already been steeped in it. 

Reawaken the poetic with these poetry activities. 


Think of a word or phrase like “SUMMER” and write it vertically down the page. 

Then compose a line that starts with each letter.  For example, “Sunny, unstructured, magazines at the beach, etc…”


Haikus are three-line poems that have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third. 

They are traditionally about nature. 

These tiny poems can be fantastic first poems for the poetry intimidated.

Texting poem (or poem for two voices)

Write a poem that can read like a text conversation between two people

Middle School Writing Activities

Not every writing assignment has to be a five paragraph essay.  Writing should be fun and personal as well as educational and informative.  Keep it fun and fresh with these fun writing activities for middle school.

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