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Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers Craft

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This Mother’s Day craft is quick, easy, and cute. These adorable handprint flowers are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers Craft

Crafts with Kids

There are many fun things to make with kids. Crafts not only serve as a cute gift or a memento of how small their hands used to be, but they also are a terrific way to use fine motor skills.

Crafts are a fantastic way to let kids show their creativity and spend quality time with you.

In addition, there is a sense of accomplishment when the craft has been completed.

These handprint flower bouquets are guaranteed to be one of a kind because they are made with love from your little ones’ hands.

Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers Craft

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Items Needed to Make Handprint Flowers

-construction paper (vibrant colors or white paper work best)

-green straws



-something round (like a crayon)


How to Make Handprint Flowers Mother’s Day Craft

  1. Using a pencil, trace the hands with the fingers spread apart. Repeat to make multiple flowers.

2. Cut out handprints.

3. Put the straw in the palm part of the handprint. Take care that the straw isn’t up too far. It is too far if it is to the bottom of the fingers.

Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers Craft

4. Fold the thumb and pinky towards each other. They may overlap. The part under the fingers should be curled around the straw. Try to get it so only the bottom part is coming together, not the whole hand.

5. Tape where the bottom of the handprint flowers meets the straw. If needed, tape the edges of the flowers together, too.

6. Take the round item (like a crayon or a round pencil– not a hexagon pencil if you can avoid it because it leaves creases) and place it at the tips of the fingers. Roll the fingers towards you (away from the center) to make the flower petals open up.

Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers Craft

7. Curl all of the fingers to make the flower.

8. Make a beautiful handprint flowers bouquet and give them to someone special (or keep them for yourself).

Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers Craft

Ways to Elevate the Handprint Flowers

Add Yellow Chenille Stems to the Middle

By folding over a yellow chenille stem (or two) and sticking them inside the opening of the straw, you can create stamen (the middle parts that stick out of the middle) for your flowers.

Use White Paper

Allow your little ones to color the white paper, then cut out the handprints to make handprint flowers.

This may lead to unique colored flowers, which is a great way to let little ones help a bit more.

Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers Craft

Cut the Straws

After the handprint flowers are complete, arrange them in a bouquet.

Cut the straws on the handprint flowers that are closer to the front so the flowers in the back are easier to see.

Handprints from Different Children

If you have multiple children, have each child pick out a color. Use only that color to trace their hands on.

Attach a tag or have them sign the handprints (on the outside) so the person getting the flowers to know which handprint flowers go with which kid.

Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers Craft

Mother’s Day Craft

Let the little ones in your life make a meaningful gift with these handprint flowers.

Everyone will love this adorable Mother’s Day craft (even if you are making them for yourself).

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