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Best Games for Kids: A 2023 Gift Guide

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Entertain kids of all ages with the best games of 2023!

Best Games for Kids

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Encourage children to spend some time playing games with friends and family.

Whether they prefer board games, cards, or dice, playing games can be really beneficial for kids of all ages.

Game time promotes creative thinking, strategizing, teamwork, and more.

Have fun, build connections, and learn a little about each other by playing all types of games!

Take a look at this gift guide of some of our favorite games for kids.

Games for Kids in 2023

Preschool and Elementary Age Games

Coconuts Game

Ages: 6+

Coconuts is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-play game for kids 6 and older.

The objective is to shoot a coconut into a cup to score a point.

It’s great fun and laughter is almost guaranteed!

Don’t Wake Daddy

Ages: 3+

Don’t Wake Daddy involves an alarm clock, a refrigerator, and a whole lot of suspense and giggles!

Rapid Rumble

Ages: 6+

Rapid Rumble is an exciting category game.

Roll the die, pick a card, and race for the answer!


Ages: 6+

SlapBurger is a hilarious card game.

Be the first to slap the pile when a SlapBurger Card, Double Decker or Sandwich is laid. Collect all the cards to win!


Ages: 5+

Outfoxed is a cooperative detective game where players will find clues and eliminate suspects.

This simple whodunit mystery can be enjoyed over and over again.

Yeti in my Spaghetti

Ages: 4+

Yeti in my Spaghetti is a silly noodle pulling game for little ones.

Kids will have a blast trying to keep the Yeti from falling into the bowl.

Pop Up Pirate

Ages: 3+

Pop Up Pirate is a surprising game for everyone.

This sword sliding, barrel poking, pirate flying game will create lots of belly laughs.

Pass the Potato

Ages: 4+

Pass the Potato is a racing game with a twist.

Toss the spud while hilarious potato puns are served. Don’t get caught with the potato in this “spud-tastic” game.

My First Dragon Adventure

Ages: 5+

My First Dragon Adventure is a fantasy board game that’s full of magic.

Race to the end, light the marshmallow fire, and become the hero in this imaginative adventure.

Sum Swamp

Ages: 5+

Sum Swamp is great game to play for fun while building math skills at the same time.

Kids will enjoy practicing addition and subtraction as they race their way through a creature filled swamp.

Best Games for Kids

Games for Tweens and Teens

Trekking Through History

Ages: 10+

Trekking Through History is a board game that goes back in time.

Players will get a closer look into the lives of prominent people and significant historical events.

Moose Master

Ages: 8+

Moose Master is an belly-busting good time.

Pick a card and follow the instructions. Try to outsmart the other players while you’re laughing out loud.


Ages: 8+

HerStory is a board game that celebrates some of the most influential women of all time.

The goal is to “write” a book that scores the most points.

Unstable Unicorns

Ages: 14+

Unstable Unicorns is a magical card game based on strategy.

Players will use their wits to build an army of unicorns and take down their opponents.

Herd Mentality

Ages: 10+

Herd Mentality takes fun to another level.

Guess what the other players are thinking in this new style of game. Don’t be the odd one out and end up with the pink cow!

Kids Against Maturity

Ages: 10+

Kids Against Maturity is a super fun way to see how well you know your friends (and family).

Answer random questions in secret, and then compare.

When the answers match, get a point!

The Best Friend Game

Ages: 14+

The Best Friend Game is a super fun way to see how well you know your friends (and family).

Answer random questions in secret, and then compare.

When the answers match, get a point!

Sounds Fishy

Ages: 10+

Sounds Fishy is a bluffing game that will have everyone laughing.

The weird questions and even crazier answers will have players guessing what is real and what is not.


Ages: 12+

Balderdash is hilarious game that’s full of creativity.

Score points by faking out the other players and calling their bluffs.

Trivial Pursuit: Stuff You Should Know

Ages: 16+

Trivial Pursuit: Stuff You Should Know is trivia game for curious teens.

Choose from history, legends, conspiracies, and more and get the facts right!

Game Gift Guide for Kids in 2023

Some of the best board games for children and teens are included in this list.

Gift one of these incredible games to your favorite kid or teen for hours of fun.

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