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FREE Typing Games for Kids {and Adults!}

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With online and distance learning, knowing how to type is more important than ever. Check out our favorite free typing games for kids and start playing today!

Free Typing Games and Lessons for Kids of All Ages! - MamaTeaches

Why Is Typing Practice So Important?

When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter or responded to someone with a note versus an email or text? If you’re like most of us, the chances are pretty slim that handwritten correspondence is your number one go-to method of communication these days.

Imagine what it’s going to be like for our children. In fact, we don’t even really have to imagine a world where they’ll be doing the majority of their correspondence and learning online because it’s happening right now.

And that means that they need to be able to type quickly and accurately in order to stay competitive in education and business.

FREE Typing Games and Lessons for Kids -

Typing practice is the way to make that happen. Not only will it increase speed and accuracy, but it also builds much-needed muscle memory.

While looking for typing practice for my kids, I recently discovered two sites that work together at providing interactive typing lessons and gamified experiences. Meet and, home of Dance Mat Typing.

Touch Typing Lessons

Think you can’t learn how to touch type on your own? Think again! With the help of free typing games, you can master correct finger placement in no time.

Not sure what touch typing actually is? Take a look at this quick explainer video that breaks down which keys are “assigned” to each finger. Don’t get overwhelmed though; with practice, you can quickly master it!

In fact, the typing lessons on both sites are straightforward and reward the accuracy and speed that you’re hoping to build.

Free Typing Games for Kids

For free typing games for kids, KidzType is where it’s at. The site is geared more for preschool and elementary students with its colorful graphics and game design. That being said, even my middle and high schoolers loved the games!

Instead of simple “typing practice”, kids are encouraged to use the Dance Mat Typing lessons that are really like dancing with your fingers. It’s a great way to build interest and make the act of typing practice a lot more fun and engaging!

Free Typing Games - Typing Lessons for Kids -

There are also a ton of other free typing games for kids to choose from. From Typing Pilot to Typing Swimmer, there’s a game for everyone.

Our top three game picks are:

  • Nitro Expert – a racing game where you gain speed by typing the sentences accurately and quickly. (Full disclosure: I may or may not have played this game a few dozen times in the last few days. Ha!)
  • Ninjas vs Zombies – the ninja is tasked with beating the zombies by typing in the letter(s) above their heads. My boys loved this one, but just be aware that it does feature a bit of violence if the zombie hits the ninja!
  • Owl Planes Long Words – choose your owl partner and take to the skies for a typing race.

Whether you need typing practice for your homeschool technology lessons or you’re realizing that your kids just need some more practice at home – or you need a resource for your classroom – KidzType is awesome for keeping kids engaged!

Typing Games for Kids - Free Typing Games and Lessons for Kids and Adults

Typing Lessons for Adults

The world has changed dramatically in the last few months and that means adults everywhere are looking to brush up on their typing skills to improve their odds of landing a dream job.

While KidzType can definitely be used by adults as well, TypeDojo is geared more for the adult learner and older students. It offers more of a distraction-free touch typing practice that’s great for students who need distraction reduction.

You can test your typing speed and accuracy by using multiple free typing tests and practice sessions.

There is even a word per minute test that allows you to test your skills and get an accurate picture of how many words you really can type in a minute’s time. A lot of employers want that number if you’re applying for a secretarial or data entry position, so you’ll be prepared if they ask!

Free Teaching Lessons for Adults and Kids - MamaTeaches

The final word on FREE Typing GAMES

Now more than ever, it’s important to have the skills that will be needed for a digital world. Spending even a few minutes a day practicing your typing skills can dramatically increase your speed and accuracy.

Make it a game between you and your children to see who can score the highest on games or tests. Challenge them to become stellar typists before the next school year. Challenge yourself to practice along with them.

Happy typing friends!

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