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Family Games to Play at Home

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Family Games to Play at Home

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Finding some family fun on a rainy afternoon or looking for a way to mix things up on family game night can sometimes be a challenge.

It can be tough to think of things to do and the usual suspects might need a little break from rotation.

Here are a few fun family games to play at home, with nothing more than a few items you have on hand or a deck of cards.

Easy Family Games to Play At Home


A simple game of Charades is so much fun for everyone!

Come up with a theme, write down some scenarios to act out and let the fun begin!

You can split up into teams or everyone can guess on their own, keeping score as to who has guessed the most correct scenes.

Check out our free Christmas Charades game here!

Hallway Bowling

Grab some water bottles from the recycling bin and a ball, then turn the hallway into a bowling alley.

Weight some of the “pins” with sand or water, set up obstacles in the pathway, or come up with some wacky challenges to make the game special and unique.

Selfie Hot Potato

Set the timer on your phone’s camera and have everyone pass it around until it goes off and catches someone by surprise.

The expressions in the pictures you’ll get will have the whole family in stitches!


This is a fun, modified version of hide and seek in which one person hides and everyone else goes hunting.

When you find the hider, you squeeze in with them and wait for everyone else to locate you.

The last person to find the group is the hider for the next round.

Family Games to Play at Home

This article contains affiliate links.

Family Games to Play at Home with Cards


In this card game, deal the deck evenly among the players.

Each person will flip over a card to the center of the table.

The person with the highest card takes the stack.

If players flip over a high card of the same value, they must “declare war” by placing two cards face down and flipping over a third, with the winner of the faceoff taking all of the cards.

Once a player runs out of cards, they are out of the game.


Place one fewer spoon in the center of the table than the number of people playing.

Separate out one rank of cards for each player (Aces, 2s, 3s, 4s) and then deal four cards to each player.

Next, the first player will draw a card from the deck, with the goal of getting four of a kind in their hand.

They can decide to keep that card and discard another or discard the card that they drew.

Play goes around the table until someone creates a four of a kind.

They will then take a spoon.

Once one person has grabbed one, everyone else must immediately follow suit because the person left without a spoon loses.


In SlapJack, the full deck is dealt out to the players.

Each player flips a card from their stack, which is face down in front of them, onto the pile in the center of the table.

Cards keep stacking until a Jack appears.

The first person to slap their hand on the Jack wins the pile.

As players run out of cards, they are out of the game.

Favorite Family Games


Play the simple and fun card game of rummy in a tile form.

The whole family will love sitting around the table, waiting for the right tile to drop!

Find it here -> Rummikub


This is one of our favorite boardgames.

It’s a fun challenge to use the cards in your hand to create a line on the board, one card at a time.

Plus, we can play with a large number of people, broken out into teams!

Find it here -> Sequence

Watch Ya’ Mouth

If you haven’t give this game, consisting of trying to read funny phrases while wearing a mouthguard, a shot, you simply must.

It’s hilarious to watch everyone try to pronounce certain sounds when they can’t close their mouths.

Find it here -> Watch Ya’ Mouth

What are some of your family’s favorite games to play at home?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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