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Fire Truck Facts for Kids

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Discover amazing facts about fire trucks with us!

The fire truck (sometimes called a fire engine or a fire wagon) is a vehicle that is used to help firefighters fight fires. 

It not only gets the firefighters to the scene of the fire but also makes the necessary fire fighting equipment available. 

Fun Facts About Fire Trucks

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Some important tools needed to put out fires include hoses, ladders, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and more. 

Sometimes firefighters may need other tools such as the jaws of life or water rescue equipment to complete their mission.  

No situation is ever the same, and the fire truck helps to ensure that the firefighters will have what they need to do the best job they can in any circumstance.  

Let’s learn a few fire truck facts!

Facts About Fire Trucks

The First Fire Trucks were Buckets on Wheels

Back in the 1700s, a team of wagons known as the “bucket brigade” came to the aid of the firefighters. 

These buckets on wheels were filled with water to help put out the fire. 

Because the heavy wagons were pulled and pushed by a group of people they were slow to get to the scene. 

The push-pull wagons were soon replaced with horse-drawn water pump buckets that could provide a faster rescue. 

Today, fire trucks move much quicker and have all the fire-fighting essentials! 

Fun Facts About Fire Trucks

Dalmatians Used to Work with Firefighters

Long ago, dalmatians were a big part of the firefighting teams. 

Dalmatians had a very important job to do when the original fire trucks became horse-drawn. 

In order to make sure that the horse-drawn fire engine could make its way to the scene without a hitch, the dalmatians took the lead and created a clear path for the fire wagons to get through. 


There are 3 Types of Fire Trucks

The pumper truck, the tanker truck, and the ladder truck are the three different kinds of fire trucks. 

The pumper truck has tools such as hoses for firefighters to pump water from fire hydrants or other water sources. 

The tanker truck has big tanks that hold water in the event that there is not a water source nearby. 

Finally, the ladder truck holds the ladder that can be used to reach heights of up to 95 feet or more!  

Not All Fire Trucks are Red

While we mostly know fire trucks as being red, that’s not necessarily the case. 

Fire trucks can be yellow, green, or white, as well!

Check out these fire truck coloring pages to color your own!

Fun Facts About Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks Can Carry Up to 8 Firefighters At Once

A fire truck can get 8 firefighters to the scene of the blaze. 

Each firefighter on the truck has a special job to do, and they need to be ready to get it done as soon as they arrive on the scene. 

The firefighters must make sure they haul all their bunker gear onto the engine with them. 

This is their coats, pants, helmet, and gloves that firefighters must wear in order to protect themselves from the smoke and flames. 

They also have to wear goggles to protect their eyes and an air pack so they can breathe clean air while putting out the fire.  

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Kid Facts about Fire Trucks

Fire trucks sure have come a long way since the very first bucket wagon. 

Providing the tools and equipment necessary to fight blazes and save lives, fire trucks are an essential vehicle for firefighters. 

These fire truck facts show how amazing fire trucks really are. 

Wouldn’t you agree?  

Have you ever been on a fire truck? 

Would you like to?

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