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Family First Summer Activities: Week 2

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Enjoy this summer and strengthen your family bond with this second week of simple and fun family summer activities.

Family First Summer Activities

Planning a Family First Summer

Make this summer count!

These activities will not only help you make memories as a family, but they also won’t break the bank!

A Family First Summer means prioritizing family time. How do you do that? Do one activity a day!

Are you ready for week 2? Let’s dive in!

(If you missed the Week 1 Family First Activities, you can see them here.)

Family First Summer Activities

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Week 2 Family First Activities

These summer activities are perfect for busy families and work for kids of all ages.

Day 8: Build an Indoor Fort

You don’t need to wait for rain. Today is the day to build an epic indoor blanket fort!

You need only blankets, pillows, cushions, chairs, and clips (these beach towel clips work amazingly).

You can build the fort for play or turn it into the ultimate reading nook.

If you have a family tent, you could assemble that in your living room as an alternative to a fort.

Day 9: Bake and Decorate Cookies Together

Why wait for Christmas to bake and decorate cookies? Summer is also a great time to bake together!

Would you like some recipe inspiration? Try these:

Day 10: Create a Family Art Gallery with Homemade Art

Make a family art gallery for a week (or a year!).

Step One: Create the Art

Step Two: Display the Art

You can display the art on a bulletin board or a series of clipboards hanging from the wall.

You can display the art on a WOW wall or a particular shelf for something extra special.

These are places where the exceptional art pieces go, the ones that make you go WOW! 

The “WOW wall” or “Special Shelf” can be time and piece limited.

These special places avoid the clutter of displaying many pieces around the house.

Family First Summer Activities

Day 11: Living Room Dance Party

You can dance your way to summer memories!

Select some kid-friendly tunes the whole family will enjoy.

If you want to go the extra mile, decorate the space by hanging string lights (dig out the Christmas lights).

Crank up the volume and dance like nobody is watching!

Day 12: DIY Science Experiments with Household Items

Science is never more fun than when it is hands-on.

Complete some DIY science experiments with items you have around the house (no shopping trips needed!).

Here are some ideas:

Family First Summer Activities

Day 13: Play Board Games or Card Games as a Family

It’s time for a family game night!

Dig into the game closet to unearth your favorite board games, or borrow some new-to-you games from another family.

Here are some ideas for games:

Day 14: Family Bike Ride

Pump up the tires, strap on your helmets, and head out for a family bike ride around the neighborhood.

Who knows? This could be the start of a new family hobby!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.