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Free Counting Money Puzzles

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Make sense of dollars and cents with these free counting money puzzles!

Perfect for preschool and Kindergarten, these puzzles make counting money rewarding.

Free Printable Money Puzzles for Kids

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Helping Kids Learn to Count

When it comes to practical math, counting money is the prime example.

You need math to pay for food, clothing, and (yes!) toys.

Learning to count money involves several steps of learning:

  • Learning the symbols (Which numbers do various coins and bills represent?)
  • Skip counting (counting by ones, fives, and tens)
  • Using the correct unit symbols (for dollars and cents)

When you teach these concepts to little learners, you give them the tools they need to navigate the world through math.

Believe it or not, they are one step closer to independence!

Why the Money Puzzles are Great

While learning to count money involves some lesson planning, the practice of it need not be boring.

Enter these free counting money puzzles!

Check out why they are great:

Realistic Coins and Bills

These puzzles have realistic drawings of the coins and bills.

The quarters, dimes, and pennies are easily recognizable and distinguishable from one another.

Common Coins and Bills

While Grandma may give your child a gift of $2 bills, these puzzles deal with the coins and bills most likely to be in a child’s piggy bank.

Extra Clues

The ways the puzzles fit together are not all the same.

Some fit along wavy lines, others along jagged.

This is an extra clue to the child to help him select the right match for each money puzzle.

This isn’t cheating; it’s logical deduction!

(And that is a math skill you want to develop too!)

Oh Yeah…They’re Free!

You don’t need $50 in actual money to practice counting it.

These puzzles practice the skill without handing your child a wad of cash.

Free Dollar and Coin Money Puzzles

How to Use the Free Counting Money Puzzles

Using the Counting Money Puzzles is super simple.

1 – Download the money puzzles from the Freebies library

2 – Print on white cardstock

3 – Cut along the lines

4 – Store in a plastic zipper baggie

These puzzles don’t need to be introduced all at once.

You can start with the puzzles involving only nickels and pennies.

From there you can add in the ones with dimes and then quarters.

Or start with bills!

Children often find these the easiest money to count because they are labeled with their value (e.g, “Five Dollars”).

Get Your Free Copy of the Money Puzzles

You can get your free copy of Counting Money Puzzles in our Freebies Library.

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No problem!

It’s simple to join and has loads of benefits.

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Counting Money Puzzles

Why not make learning fun?

That’s exactly what you’ll do when you use these free counting money puzzles.

Simply click, print, and snip to turn math into a game!

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