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10 Fun Facts About Fish

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Fascinated by fish? Us too!

Learn fun facts about fish and find out what really happens under the sea!

10 Fun Facts About Fish That Every Kid Needs to Know

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There are all types of fish out there. 

There are fish that live in freshwater and fish that live in saltwater. 

Some fish are big, other fish are small, and all fish have unique colors that are distinctive to their species.  

Did you know that fish have lived on earth since well before the dinosaurs? 

That’s a long time!  Let’s dive into some more interesting fish facts right now!

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fun Facts About Fish

There are over 30,000 different species of fish.

Over 30,000 species of fish have been identified. 

In fact, fish are so abundant that we are sure even more types of fish still need to be discovered.  Wow! 

Fish have vertebrae.

Fish are classified as fish because they have vertebrae. 

Having a vertebrae means that they have a backbone or a spine.

10 Fun Fish Facts for Kids

Jellyfish, Starfish and Crayfish aren’t really fish.

Even though fish is in their name, a jellyfish is classified as an invertebrate, a starfish is an echinoderm, and a crayfish is actually a crustacean.  Well, isn’t that amazing?

Fish breathe with gills.

How do fish breathe in the water? 

Well, with gills, of course!  Gills are used to extract oxygen from the water, helping the fish to breathe.

How to Teach Kids About Fish

We absolutely love the picture book Fish Faces by Tam Warner Minton to learn more about fish habitats, behavior, and traits! You can grab a copy of it on Amazon!

Fish swim with fins.

Fish have fins that help them to swim.  Some fish use their side fins to get going, while other fish use their tail fins. 

Fish have scales.

Scales are what cover the bodies of fish. 

Scales overlap each other and are unique to the species of the fish. 

Their scales can get rather slimy, but that’s okay, because it helps them to move through the water.

10 Super Fun Facts About Fish for Kids

Fish talk to each other.

Fish use acoustic sounds to communicate. 

Sharing information about things like eating habits and mating behaviors, fish can talk to other fish within their own species.

Fish have small brains.

Fish are known to have relatively small brains in comparison to their body size. 

No big deal, though!  Fish have other cool characteristics that make them awesome. 

They can hear, taste, see, and it is even believed that they have feelings too.

Fish are cold blooded.

Like reptiles and amphibians, fish are cold blooded. 

Being cold-blooded means that their internal body temperature changes depending on the surrounding temperature. 

Facts About Fish - Fun Facts That Every Kid Should Know

Fish travel in schools.

A large group of fish is called a school. 

Fish travel in schools as a way to protect themselves while on a journey. 

There is definitely safety in numbers.  Neat!

The Final Word on fun Facts About Fish

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and if you didn’t know already, fish are pretty cool!  

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning these amazing fun facts about fish!

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