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Fun Facts About June

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Who doesn’t love June? School is out for summer! Learn all about the month that welcomes summer with these June fun facts for kids.

Fun Facts About June

June Fun Facts for Kids

June is the sixth month of the year.

The summer solstice is in June every year. That is when the sun reaches its northernmost path in the sky (in the northern hemisphere).

It is the official beginning of summer in the north; it falls between June 20-24 every year.

In the southern hemisphere, the June solstice marks the beginning of winter.

Find out some more fun facts about June.

Fun Facts About June

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10 Fun Facts About June

Learn all about June with these fun facts.

June Used to Begin with an “I”

The month of June comes from the Roman goddess Juno (the queen of the gods).

In Latin, the month was spelled “Iunius” meaning “related to Juno.” (Juno was spelled “Iuno” then.)

It was the fourth month in a ten-month calendar.

In the 1600s, the French changed all Latin words spelled with an initial “I” (like the month “Iunius”) to an initial “J.”

That is how “Iunius” became “Junius.” The English word “June” comes from “Junius.”

June Is Famous for Fathers and More

June is the month of Father’s Day. It is the third Sunday in June and has been an official day since 1972.

President Richard Nixon signed the proclamation. (Meanwhile, Mother’s Day had been a holiday for 58 years by then.)

Other celebrations in June include Flag Day (June 14), which celebrates when the Second Continental Congress formed the Continental Army.

Instead of fighting under different flags, this army would fly the same flag (known as the “Continental Colors”). It is the first genuinely American flag.

Other celebrations in June include Juneteenth (June 19), commemorating the day that news of the end of the Civil War (and thus the end of slavery) reached Texas.

Fun Facts About June

June Has Bugs Named for It That Aren’t Really Bugs

A Junebug is not really a bug but a type of beetle.

June bugs refer to iridescent scarab beetles (there are over 300 species).

Why are they called June bugs? This is the month they turn into adults and fly around.

They are often attracted to lights at night.

Although you see many Junebugs in June, you don’t see them much afterward.

Their adult life span is only a few weeks.

The June Birthstone Comes From an Animal

The June birthstone is unique because it is formed from an animal.

It is the pearl. Clams, mussels, or oysters form pearls.

The pearl is the symbol of innocence, purity, and humility.

The most famous pearl is called “La Peregrina.” It is the size of a pigeon’s egg! It was discovered in the Gulf of Panama in the 1500s.

La Peregrina was worn by European royalty.

Fun Facts About June

The Rose Is the Flower for June

Most people know about birthstones, but did you know about birth flowers?

It’s no surprise that the rose is the birth flower for June.

The rose symbolizes eternal love, and it typically blooms in June.

This is fitting because roses are popular wedding flowers (because of their beauty and symbolism), and June is the most popular wedding month.

Interestingly, June has another birth flower: the honeysuckle. Honeysuckle symbolizes first love.

The Strawberry Moon Rises in June

June’s full moon has a special name: the Strawberry Moon.

The name Strawberry Moon comes from the fact that Native American tribes would pick strawberries after that full moon.

As the last full moon of spring, it marked the ripening of the strawberries.

Shakespeare Wrote a Play About June

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a comedic play about the confusion caused by love spells, is set in late June, right after the summer solstice.

It’s the perfect play to watch at your local Shakespeare in the Park this summer!

Fun Facts About June

Tennis Fans Love June

June is the month of the famous tennis tournament Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament. It has been played on grass courts in England since 1877.

It is one of four Grand Slam tournaments played each year.

Unlike other tournaments, it has a strict all-white dress code for tennis players.

Typically, English royalty attends the matches.

The signature snack for fans at Wimbledon is strawberries and cream.

You Can Bathe in Dew in Iceland

According to Icelandic folklore, if you bathe in the morning dew on June 24, you will live a longer and healthier life.

Icelandic legend also states that cows can speak on this June night, seals can become human, and elves will appear at crossroads.

It’s an eventful night!

Fun Facts About June

D-Day Was on June 6

June 6, 1944, was history’s most extensive combined land, naval, and air operation. Its nickname was Operation Overlord.

156,000 Allied troops landed on the shores of Normandy, France. We now call that fateful day “D-Day.”

It was the beginning of the end of World War II. By August, the Allies freed France from German occupation.

June Fun Facts for Kids

These fun facts about June are perfect for someone with a June birthday (or anyone who wants to learn more about the month).

June is more than sunshine and mild weather; it’s a fascinating month marked with holidays, customs, and famous events.

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