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Fun Chicken Facts for Kids

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You may not realize it, but chickens are actually pretty cool!

Chickens are the most common bird in the world.

In fact, there are more chickens on earth than any other type of bird.

There are even more chickens than humans in the world! Incredible!

What are some other interesting truths about these fabulously feathered fowls?

Step into our chicken coop and let’s check out more fun facts about chickens!

Fun Chicken Facts for Kids

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Interesting Chicken Facts

There are Hundreds of Breeds of Chickens

From fancy chickens to backyard chickens, and even chickens bred only for food, it is unknown exactly how many different chicken breeds there are in the world, but it is most definitely a lot!

Chickens are All Different Colors

You may think chickens are only brown, white, and black; however, chickens can also have gold, red, silver, blue, and even green feathers depending on their breed!

Eggs from a chicken also come in different colors.

There lay brown eggs, green eggs, and more!

Who knew?

Chickens Lay Up to 250 Eggs Per Year

On average, hens (female chicken) can lay about one egg per day.

It is common for hens not to lay eggs though while they are molting.

Molting is when they lose their old feathers to make room for the new feathers.

Did you know that hens will cackle after they lay an egg to keep predators away?

Fun Chicken Facts for Kids

Chickens are Dreamers

Just like people and other mammals, chickens dream while they are sleeping.

We know this because they exhibit REM (rapid eye movement) when they are asleep, and this is the phase where dreaming happens.

Chickens Talk to Their Eggs

Mother hens will talk with their baby chicks while they are still in the egg.

They do this by making a purring noise toward their eggs.

What’s even more interesting is that the baby chicks will peep back!

Chickens are Related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Scientists have found that chickens are distant relatives of the T-Rex dinosaur.

Species comparisons show that they share similar features like hip structure, hollow bones, and more.


Chickens can Recognize Faces

Whether it’s another animal face or a human face, chickens are able to recognize more than a hundred different faces!

Chickens actually have really good memories overall which gives them the ability to learn and evolve.

Fun Chicken Facts for Kids

Nobody Really Knows Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

It will forever be a mystery as to why the chicken crossed the road.

Perhaps it really was just to get to the other side!

Well, is this a weird chicken fact, or what?

Chicken Facts

Who knew that chickens were so fascinating?

With their own unique personalities and impressive learning skills, our feathered friends are more than just simple birds.

These interesting facts for kids show us that chickens are some of the most interesting animals around!

Wouldn’t you agree?

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