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Fun Facts About Louisiana

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Would you like to learn more about Louisiana? 

Take a look at these fun facts about Louisiana!

Louisiana, also known as the Pelican State, is in the southeastern part of the United States.

It sits right on the Gulf of Mexico. 

In 1812, Louisiana became the 18th state to join the union. 

Did you know that the name Louisiana is in honor of King Louis XIV? 

The name was a tribute to the King of France, as it was originally a French territory before becoming a US state. 

Known for its Creole and Cajun lifestyle, Louisiana celebrates the state’s history and customs through jazz music, festive celebrations, and a unique blend of other cultural values and traditions. 

Let’s learn some other interesting Louisiana facts!

Fun Facts About Louisiana

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Louisiana Fun Facts

The Tallest State Capitol is in Louisiana

Reaching 450 feet tall, the Louisiana State Capitol building is the tallest in the United States. 

Standing in Downtown Baton Rouge, the building is 34 floors high with an observation deck on the 27th floor. 

Here, the historical landmarks and magnificent gardens of Baton Rouge, Louisiana are visible. 

The Louisiana State Capitol is not only the tallest capitol in America, but it is also a National Historic Landmark!

Louisiana Has Parishes

Unlike other states that have counties dividing up the land within its boundaries, Louisiana has parishes. 

There are 64 parishes in the state of Louisiana to be exact. 

Being the only state in America with parishes rather than counties, Louisiana is very unique.  

Fun Facts About Louisiana

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is in Louisiana

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the longest bridge over water in the world! 

Crossing over the waters of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, the bridge stretches to a length of 126,122 feet. 

That’s almost 24 miles! 


In fact, for about 8 miles on the bridge, there is no land in sight. 


Louisiana is Home to the Oldest Operating Streetcar Line

The St. Charles Streetcar line is the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world. 

What is a streetcar? 

Well, a streetcar is a trolley that is typically found in urban areas. 

Running since 1835, the St. Charles streetcars operate for 24 hours a day, taking riders through the Louisiana Garden District on these amazing vintage trolleys.   

The Oldest Fishing Tournament Takes Place in Louisiana

The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo started in 1932 and is still held every year to this day. 

This lively fishing competition is the oldest rodeo in all of the Gulf states, and probably in the whole United States. 

For three days every summer, people gather for fishing, food, music, and other entertainment for all ages. 

Sounds fun!   

Fun Facts About Louisiana

Louisianans Love Their Crawfish

Crawfish is plentiful in the state of Louisiana and the people of the Pelican State love them!  

Breaux Bridge, also known as the “Crawfish Capital,” holds a festival every year just to celebrate all things crawfish. 

The Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival celebrates the food with a variety of crawfish dishes, dance competitions, crawfish races, and there’s even a parade that features a Crawfish Queen. 


Interesting Louisiana Facts

There are many interesting tidbits about the state of Louisiana, with some of them being quite unique. 

These quirky and unusual Pelican state facts will really give you something to think about!

Did you know any of these fun Louisiana facts?

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