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Fun Facts About Trees

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Exploring nature is a great part of childhood!

While you’re out and about, share these fun facts about trees with those you’re with!

Fun and Interesting Facts about Trees - like the beautiful pink Japanese Maple pictured in this photo

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Interesting and Fun Facts About Trees

Trees are pretty much amazing in every way! 

They come in many different varieties, colors, shapes, and sizes.  

Not only are they beautiful, but did you know that trees are beneficial too? 

Trees actually keep us healthy! 

They cleanse the air of harmful pollutants, provide us with clean oxygen, and even produce food! 


What other fun facts about trees do we know? 

Read below to find out!

Fun Tree Facts for Kids

Trees have 4 main parts

Trees are made up of four main parts:  roots, trunk, branches, and leaves. 

A tree begins at the roots. 

Roots are usually underground, but sometimes they can be underwater or even found above ground. 

From the roots, grows the trunk. 

The trunk rises upward and helps to provide nutrients to the other parts of the tree. 

Branches then come out from the trunk extending in all different directions.  

Finally, covering the branches are the leaves that help the tree create energy from the sun (this is called photosynthesis).  

Fun Facts About Trees - giant trees like the one pictured are the best!

Trees can live for a long time

Trees are perennials which means they can live for more than two years. 

Yes, two years isn’t that long, but a tree is just getting started at this point. 

Trees actually live for way longer than that. 

The oldest tree that we know of has lived for approximately 5,000 years! 

Now, that is a long time!  

Trees can communicate

Trees are able to communicate with each other through a unique system of fungi in the soil. 

The fungi connect the roots of trees and plants together, allowing them to “talk” to each other.  

This communication helps trees (and other plants) to grow and survive.

Trees can provide nourishment

Many trees produce delicious food for us to eat.  

These foods include a variety of fruits and nuts such as apples, hazelnuts, peaches, and more. 

There are also some trees that provide a tasty sap, perfect for creating syrups like maple or sassafras.  Yummy!

Trees can help show the direction

A tree can be used to tell direction, kind of like a compass. 

Pay attention to their branches! 

For example, how the branches of a tree grow can help show direction. 

Branches that are fuller and point straight out (horizontal to the ground) are likely pointing south. 

Another great direction teller is moss found on trees. 

Moss will usually grow on the north side of a tree in a cool shady area. 

In addition, shedding bark is mostly found on the south side of a tree, as well as spider webs. 

How interesting!

Facts About Trees for Kids

As you see, trees are an important part of our world. 

They keep us healthy, provide us with food, and can point us in the right direction. 

Do you know any other fun facts about trees? 

We’d love for you to share them with us!   

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