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Fun Facts About Utah

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Let’s learn some things about the Beehive State! 

Check out these fun facts about Utah!

The state of Utah joined the union in 1896, making it the 45th state of America. 

It lies in the western part of the United States and its borders are made up of six other states. 

These states include Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, and Arizona. 

Utah is also one of the Four Corner states, which means that it shares a common point with three other states:  Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. 


Did you know that Utah is also known as the Beehive State? 

This nickname honors the original Mormon settlers of the state. 

Mormons believe the beehive represents hard work, moderation, and perseverance, making it the perfect state nickname. 


Fun Facts About Utah

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Keep reading to discover some more interesting Utah state facts!

Utah Fun Facts

The Name Utah Comes from a Native American Tribe

Utah is named after the Native American tribe, ‘Ute’.  Ute means ‘people of the mountains’. 

The Ute tribe has lived in Utah for many years. 

Today, one of their reservations lies in Northeastern Utah across three counties and covers more than 4.5 million acres. 

It is the second-largest Indian Reservation in the United States! 


Utah’s Capital has the Longest Name Compared to Other State Capitals

The capital of Utah is Salt Lake City. 

This is the only state capital that is three words long. 

In fact, the original name started out even longer as “Great Salt Lake City”. 

In 1868, however, the name was shortened to simply Salt Lake City.  

Fun Facts About Utah

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is Very Salty

The Great Salt Lake was discovered in 1824. 

It is the largest lake west of the Mississippi, and it is the largest saltwater lake in the Western world! 

The Great Salt Lake is about 1700 square miles, and it is nine times saltier than the ocean with over 4.5 billion tons of dissolved salt. 


Utah has Five National Parks

There are a total of five national parks within the state of Utah.  

These national parks include Bryce Canyon, Arches, Zion, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef. 

Each park has unique features that make them special. 

The national parks of Utah have an abundance of magnificent natural rock formations,  incredible sandstone arches, and lush forests that contribute to their beauty. 

The World’s Largest Natural Bridge is in Utah

The Rainbow Bridge is the largest natural bridge in the world! 

It is 290 feet high and stretches 270 feet across. 

Created by the natural flow of water, the Navajo people believe that the Rainbow Bridge is very sacred. 

They see it as the essence of life in the desert representing the deities who create clouds, rain, and rainbows. 


Fun Facts About Utah

Unusual Utah Facts

Utah is full of many interesting and unusual facts!  

It is home to incredible natural landmarks, several national parks, and a one-of-a-kind salt lake. 

With its striking landscape and extraordinary geography, Utah is quite amazing. 

Do you have any fun Utah facts you’d like to share? 

Let us know!

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