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Fun Facts About Alligators

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Awed by alligators?

Check out these fun facts about alligators to learn even more!

Fun Facts About Alligators

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What Are Alligators?

Alligators have been around for over 200 years. 

It is said that they are actually the closest living relatives to dinosaurs. 

How cool is that? 

They were even close to extinction at one time, but have since repopulated enough to be removed from the endangered list. 

That’s amazing! 

Check out more fun facts about alligators below!

Alligator fun facts for kids

Alligators are reptiles.

Alligators belong to the reptile family. 

This means that they are cold-blooded, have a backbone, and super dry, scaly skin. 

Because alligators are cold-blooded, they have to warm themselves up by lying in the sun and cool themselves off by getting in the water. 

Their scaly skin helps their bodies keep in moisture.  

Fun Facts About Alligators

Alligators are really big.

On average, alligators can grow up to about 12 feet long and weigh over 800 pounds. 

The largest alligator recorded was found in Alabama in 2014. 

It was 15 feet and 9 inches long and weighed 1011.5 pounds.   

That’s massive!

Alligators are carnivores.  

Alligators like to eat, well, just about anything. 

They love small animals like fish, birds, snakes, as well as, bigger animals such as turtles, muskrats and raccoons. 

Some alligators also like to enjoy fresh berries and citrus fruits found in their natural habitat.  

Alligators have a lot of teeth.

There are approximately 80 teeth in the mouth of an alligator at one time. 

An alligator will grow new teeth to replace ones that are broken or worn down. 

Through the course of an alligators life, they will have anywhere from 2000 – 3000 teeth! 

Can you imagine?

Fun Facts About Alligators

There are two types of alligators.

The two types of alligators include the American Alligator and the Chinese Alligator. 

American alligators can be found in places such as Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. 

They like to swim in freshwaters such as swamps, lakes, rivers, and marshes. 

Chinese alligators are in China, but they are extremely endangered. 

They are rarely seen in the wild, but you can visit a Chinese alligator or two in the zoo where they are being protected.

Alligators are different than crocodiles.

While they are very similar in appearance, you can tell the difference by the shape of their snout, their mouth, and where they live. 

Alligators have a rounded U-shaped snout, while crocodiles have more of a pointed V-shaped snout. 

Alligators typically don’t show teeth when their mouth is closed, unlike crocodiles that always show their 4th bottom tooth. 

Crocodiles are said to have a “toothy grin”. 

Alligators only live in freshwater, while crocodiles mostly live in saltwater.

interesting Facts About Alligators

Alligators may be seen as some really big scary reptiles, but they are actually pretty incredible (and not that scary when you get to know them). 

These giant swimmers just want to catch some sun rays, grab a bite to eat when they can, and live their best life. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these fun facts about alligators! 

See you later, alligator!

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