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Homeschool Room Setup Ideas

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You have a space to homeschool…but how do you set it up to create the best possible homeschool learning environment?

Get inspiration from these homeschool room setup ideas.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

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Large and Small Homeschool Room Ideas

Whether you have a large room or a tiny one, you have setup options.

Ask yourself how many kids will be in the room at one time (some students will trade in and out).

Where does each one of your kids work best?

Some need a desk; others need the floor.

Perhaps you have the space to create multiple seating options, like a desk and a comfy chair.

You may also want to consider flexible seating, like yoga balls and wobble stools.

Another concern with homeschool room setup is shelving.

You need a LOT of storage when you homeschool.

Don’t worry: people have solved this conundrum before.

Be inspired by this list of large and small homeschool room ideas.

Creative Homeschool Room Setup Ideas

Do you need to see an idea in action?

Check out these pictures of the best homeschool room setup ideas.

Stylish Thift

This is a gorgeous room–just look at the swoon-worthy shelving!

But what I love about this space most are the assorted chairs around the glass table.

This is obviously a collection sourced from various places, but it works.

In fact, the room is lovely enough to host a dinner party, in my opinion!

Modern Magic

Sometimes it seems the word “homeschool” is synonymous with “cluttered.” Not so in this sleek, white space!

Check out the awesome storage system!

You can create this look with a trip to your nearest IKEA.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas

School Room/Gym

Who says the homeschool room has to be a dedicated space?

This large room houses workout equipment (yep, I think that’s a trampoline) as well as a desk and homeschool shelving.

I think the duality of this room works perfectly for kinesthetic learners!

Wouldn’t you like to learn your multiplication facts while jumping up and down?

Blackboard Art

In case you can’t tell, this blackboard is over the fireplace.

You can create your own “learning central” by using magnetic paint and framing it with wood trim.

It’s lovely enough for public spaces!

The Tiny Room

If you have a small homeschool room, never fear!

Put in the essentials: whiteboard, shelving, and desk. Boom!

Learning will happen.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

For the Littles

If you are looking for small homeschool room ideas, check out this little room.

If you have young children, you can get tiny chairs and desks for school.

Container Magic

This shelf looks like an ad for the Container Store.

These acrylic bins enable you to see everything at a glance, allowing the school day to run smoothly.

Work Stations

This homeschool room has both desks (for independent work) and a small table for teaching.

The Mom Chair

You need a comfy spot for yourself from which you can read books aloud, supervise, or just relax.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

The Central Rug

If you have the space, leave the center of the room open for a comfy rug.

Kids love to do homeschool on the floor!

The Homeschool Bedroom

Can your homeschool room be a bedroom too?


Check out the corner of this homeschool room: it has a twin over full bunk bed.

The Double Desk

When considering small homeschool room ideas, look at this small table (or double desk).

Your child can work alone, or you can pull up a chair for teaching time.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

The Rolling Cart

This library-style book cart can be tucked away when you are not using it.

The Round Table

This homeschool room is so lovely you would want to show it off to guests!

The round table at the center is perfect for multi-level teaching.

Desk Wall

If you can’t stand your kitchen table pulling double duty as a homeschooling spot, try the old-fashioned cubby desks along one wall.

Closet Storage

You don’t have to use a coat closet for coats.

Use it for homeschool storage!

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

Cube Shelving and Book Wall

This lovely room has two great ideas.

The first: cube shelving.

You can pack a bunch of books on that thing or line it with bins.

It’s a powerhouse.

Second: face out book-displays.

Turn those frequently-used books into wall art.

The Family Table

I’ve never had the luxury of a dedicated schoolroom.

We’ve always used our family table, clearing off all the paper and books before dinner.

It’s possible!

Check out this lovely homeschooling space.

TV Cabinet Change Up

You need to scroll through this post for the homeschool setup idea, but this person repurposed a corner TV cabinet as a blackboard hideaway.

Make It Lovely

This one is a classic setup, but just look how lovely it is.

You too could implement a color scheme if you want!

I want to reach through the screen and grab those yellow chairs!

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

The Window Seat

Window seats offer a sunny place to sit and storage underneath.

It’s a win-win!

The Essentials

When designing your homeschool room setup, ask yourself, “What are my essentials?” This family prizes a space to sit and write, a chalkboard, shelving for books, and a space for growing plants.

A Space for Everyone to Work

If you work remotely and homeschool, why not turn your homeschool room into a flexible space that serves as your office too?

This corner desk would suit a working parent’s needs.

Sleep and Homeschool

Here is another example of a bedroom and homeschool room combo.

If you have one child (or children that do better working separately), you can convert part of your child’s bedroom into a homeschool space.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

Nature Spot

Again, consider your essentials.

If you prioritize learning about the natural world (perhaps you are a Charlotte Mason-style homeschooler), you may want a station like this in your homeschool room.

A Space for Manipulatives

Manipulatives are learning tools you can see and touch.

If your kiddos thrive with manipulatives, you can dedicate shelving space to them.

A Place for Everything

This homeschool room has it all: a couch, shelving, a desk, and a round table for two.

Top if off with nature posters on the wall and a birdfeeder outside, and you have the consummate homeschool setup.

The Coffee Table Desk

You homeschool now.

You don’t need to recreate a classroom setup in your home.

If your child works better sitting on the floor, turn the coffee table into his desk.

Virtual School Desk

This thin desk is free of distractions.

It’s perfect for virtual school (and tiny spaces).

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

The Mom Book Basket

If you are a homeschool mom, chances are you are passionate about learning–for your kids and for yourself.

Make a little basket of your books.

Keep it by your favorite reading spot.

The Colorful Room

The bright homeschool room has the books organized by color!

Flexible Seating

While this room has traditional desk chairs, it also has squishy stools.

Rotating seating during the day is a great way to maximize focus.

Enchanting Homeschool Corner

You don’t need an entire room to homeschool; you can just use a corner!

A Drawer System

In this desk, every drawer has a purpose.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

Dining Space Homeschool

This dining room pulls double duty as a homeschool room.

Notice the shelves behind the table have cupboards that close and hide the mess.

The Reading Nook

Your homeschool setup does not need to be confined to one room.

Create a lovely reading nook so your kids will get lost in a good book!

Family Room/Homeschool Room

Your family room can work as a homeschool room if you don’t mind schooling in unconventional places (like the floor!).

Turn Shelving Into Seating

By sliding together this cube shelving, you can create a comfy bench.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

Book Shelves Galore

Floor to ceiling bookshelves?

Be still my beating heart!

The Outdoor Classroom

Who says you have to homeschool in a room with walls?

Create an outside space for school.

Pegboard Wall

Who needs shelves?

Hang school supplies from the wall by mounting a pegboard over your child’s desk.

Triple Desk Wall

Here is another deskwall will overhead shelving.

What a sweet space!

“Know Your Audience” Homeschool Room

If your kids love space (or animals, or watersports, or the Middle Ages), why not go for a themed room?

Homeschooling just became 1000% more fun.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas - Pin

40+ Homeschool Room Setup Ideas

You may have the space and the budget to create a picture-perfect homeschool space.

Go wild with these ideas!

Or you may have a small space and $0 budget.

This list has plenty of ideas for you, too.

You can still be inspired to rearrange what you have to make a homeschool space that is just right for your family.

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