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How to Create the Ultimate Kids Reading Nook

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Encourage reading with a cozy, inviting, and tricked-out reading nook! 

This kids reading corner will be your child’s new favorite spot.

Creating the Ultimate Kids Reading Nook

By gathering supplies and rearranging furniture you already have, you can create the ultimate kids reading nook. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this; you may not need to spend any! 

Simply get creative to turn a corner of your home or classroom into a reading haven.

How to Create the Ultimate Kids Reading Nook

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Why Make One

Chefs need a kitchen.

Gardeners need a garden. 

And readers need a special reading spot. 

By modifying an existing space for reading, you make reading more than a priority for kids–you make it appealing.  

Could you get lost in a book if you were sitting on a hard chair underneath harsh lighting? 

I don’t think so. 

But could you spend an hour stretched out on comfy cushions under a warm pool of light? 

Absolutely yes. 

Stack the deck in reading’s favor by creating a space that draws kids like a magnet.

Making a Reading Nook for the Classroom

Most classrooms have a rectangular shape, so your kids reading nook will necessarily be more of a kids reading corner.  

That has its own advantages!

Read on…

Room Within a Room

If you have long and low rectangular shelves you could create a “room within a room” scenario. 

You want to signal to your students that this is a special away space.

Stock the Shelves

Pack nearby shelves with reading books kids will enjoy. 

Invest in series, so if students find one book they enjoy, they have others waiting in the wings. 

You can group books by themes as well: adventure stories, friendship tales, etc. 

Remember that some children prefer nonfiction, so include some of that too (The Guinness Book of World Records is a perennial favorite.)

How to Create the Ultimate Kids Reading Nook

Art That Inspires

Decorate the walls of the space with reading-themed art. 

These could be posters or bulletin boards with a reading theme. 

Search Etsy for some printable inspiration. 

Consider creating a book-matching poster, laminating it, and periodically writing in new titles with a dry erase marker. 

“If you like adventure, try ________.  If you like baking, try ________.  If you like gaming, try _________.”  

Books of the Week

Take a page from bookstores and libraries and feature books on tabletops and the tops of bookshelves. 

You can use these bookstands to give these chosen books a place all their own. 

Rotate your featured books weekly.

You can even feature books across a theme, like First Day of School, Valentine’s Day, or Inventions.

Bring on the Comfy Seating

Seating is everything.

If you have space for a large nook and plan to use the space for reading groups, you may want to consider a small table and chairs.

Otherwise, strew the place with floor cushions, fuzzy pillow, and the ever-popular beanbag chairs.

Light That Invites

Don’t rely on overhead fluorescent lighting alone.

Consider adding some lamps to the space for gentle and directed light. 

How to Create the Ultimate Kids Reading Nook

Making a Reading Nook for Home/Homeschool

Options abound when you are creating a kids reading nook in your home.

Do you have more than one child?

Make more than one nook!

Hideaway or Public Space?

Consider the personality of the children in your home.

Some children like a retreat of their own; others like to be where the action is.

Make a nook in a space your child loves.

This could be a corner of the living room or a space in their bedroom (a friend of mine made a reading nook in a walk-in closet–her daughter loved it.).

The key to a great nook is making it as den-like as possible.

There is a reason kids and grown-ups alike love pillow forts, hammocks, and tents; to be enclosed is to be cozy! 

Rotating Books

Have a stowing spot for books in the nook.

You want space to rest the current title and find new ones.

This does not need to be the main book repository in your home, merely a space to grab and store a book.

This could be a basket or a small shelf.

I personally love to shelve books face out for young children.

Special Lighting

Reading needs its own task lighting.

A clip-on lamp with a flexible neck can scootch to wherever your reader needs it. 

You can also add mood lighting in addition to direct reading light.

Reading surrounded by fairy lights on a rainy day?

Yes, please!

How to Create the Ultimate Kids Reading Nook

Pillows, Blankets, and Chairs, Oh My!

The most inviting kids reading nook is one where the seating beckons.

Consider kid favorites like Papasan and beanbag chairs.

Place a floor cushion inside a kid’s tent. 

Reposition an existing chair in your home; just make sure it has arms and is wonderfully comfy. 

An ottoman is also a plus! 

Whatever seating option you choose, amp it up with soft pillows and light blankets.

Everyone likes to snuggle with a good book.

The Ultimate Kids Reading Nook

Children of all ages (and adults too!) love a special spot to read. 

If you have a welcoming, cozy space, you are likely to get lost in a book for hours. 

The magic of reading will have time to cast its spell. 

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