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Homeschool Vs. Public School: Which Is Right for Your Family?

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Take this quiz and figure out your answer to the question: homeschool vs. public school?

Homeschool Vs. Public School Quiz

Choosing a school option for your family is all about the right fit. 

So which would be better: homeschool or public school? 

Take this simple twelve-question quiz to find out!

Homeschool vs. Public School - Which is Right for Your Family?

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1. When I think about homeschooling, I feel:
a) A sense of dread
b) Nervous but excited

2. My relationship with my child is 
a) Very up and down
b) Overall pretty good

3. I think education is best
a) Left to the professionals because they have the training
b) Left to those who know the child best

4. My partner is 
a) Somewhat or largely against the idea of homeschooling
b) Very supportive of homeschooling our kids

5.  When I think about learning something new, I feel
a) Tired.  I already do so much.
b) Excited. I like learning new things.

6.  How much margin do I have in my life?
a) Very little. I am busy from sun up to sundown.
b) Parenting keeps me busy, but my “busy” is with the kids.

7. When it comes to faith and education
a) I am okay with them being separate
b) I want my child to be educated from a faith-based perspective

8.  If you asked my children about homeschooling, they would
a) Not want to be homeschooled
b) Be all for it!

9.  I believe my child would learn best in 
a) A structured, formal environment
b) A flexible, supportive setting

10. My child learns best by
a) Hearing or reading
b) Moving and hands-on activities

11.  In a group, my child 
a) Can still learn well
b) Struggles to pay attention

12.  Academically, my child is
a) On grade level
b) Above or below the level of his peers and would benefit from tailored instruction

Homeschool vs. Public School - Which is Right for Your Family?

The Results of Home School Vs. Public School Quiz

If you answered more a’s, public school may be the right choice for your family. 

If you answered more b’s, you might want to try homeschooling. 

Did you have a relatively even split?

Either setting may work for you.

One additional question:  How do you feel about your results?

This quiz is hardly scientific, but it may help crystallize what you are already thinking. 

Chances are, you already know which way you’d like to go with your family. 

In other words, you just want a little assurance. 

Or maybe you are contemplating a switch, and you just need some additional advice and encouragement.

Pros and Cons of Homeschool and Public School

When evaluating homeschool vs. public school, it is helpful to know the pros and cons of both. 

Pros of Public School

  • Experts teach your child– core subjects in addition to specials like art and music
  • Your child has a class full of potential friends
  • You have free time during the day or time to focus on your younger kids
  • Easy to balance with working full time
  • Access to therapies, clubs, and teams

Pros of Homeschool

  • Move at your child’s rate of learning (in other words, faster or slower than a class)
  • You are the primary influence on your child because you see him the most
  • Follow your child’s interest whether that is Minecraft or marsupials
  • Learn together as a family
  • Have the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever you want
Homeschool vs. Public School - Which is Right for Your Family?

Cons of Public School

  • Your child spends the whole day at school and then has homework on top
  • Your child may be negatively influenced or bullied
  • You have to follow the school schedule (for example: school breaks)
  • Your child must adapt to a chosen curriculum, testing, or learning style
  • Your child’s day to day is largely separate from yours

Cons of Homeschool

  • You have to research and find curricula
  • You have to make an effort in order to socialize your child
  • Your relationship with your child is muddied because you are mom/teacher
  • Your child’s education rests on you and your partner
  • It is time-consuming

Homeschool or public school, no schooling choice is perfect. 

In other words, there will always be pros and cons to both. 

In short, you need to make the decision for your individual kids at this particular season in life.

Homeschool vs. Public School - Which is Right for Your Family?

Evaluate What Is Best for Your Family

In the end, the debate about homeschool vs. public school comes down not to a definitive answer for everyone, but to the individual answer of each family. 

Your family is unique. 

Each one of you is an individual. 

Moreover, you also have a unique situation with work and school and family goals. 

Even though your sister’s family is the perfect homeschooling family, that doesn’t mean you have to follow in her footsteps.

Your mother may be a public school principal, but that does not mean you have to send your kids to school. 

Whatever you choose for your family is the best choice for you.  Period.

Whichever you choose does not have to be forever. 

You could homeschool for three months, or put your children in school when you have a new baby.  Consider thinking out of the box!

For example, I personally know a large family that takes each of their kids out of school for one year in middle school and teaches them at home. 

Therefore every year a different child stays home and gets one-on-one tailored education and time with mom. 

It’s a different choice from most, but it works for this family. 

You too can craft a creative solution that is neither 100% one way or the other.

Homeschool vs. Public School - Which is Right for Your Family?

Homeschool or Public School: Which Is Right for You?

In conclusion, when deciding whether to keep your kids home or send them to public school, consider your whole situation. 

First gather all the information you can, and then make the decision that is best for your family at this particular moment in time. 

You got this, mama!

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