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Kentucky Fun Facts

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Does the state of Kentucky interest you? 

Let’s learn a few Kentucky fun facts!

Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, has many unique facts that make this state so interesting. 

While most people are aware that the 15th state is known for its horses, Kentucky is a one-of-a-kind place for other reasons, as well. 

With its blue-colored pastures, its very long cave system, and its love for baseball, Kentucky sure is amazing.  

What else makes Kentucky so special? 

Let’s check it out! 

Fun Facts About Kentucky

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Facts About Kentucky

The Bluegrass State Doesn’t Have Blue Grass

Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State.

The nickname refers to the blooming blue-purplish buds that grow on the grass in the spring. 

Bluegrass is very widespread in horse pastures, as well as, city landscapes, and gardens. 

Bluegrass became very popular among Kentucky’s early settlers, who gave the state its nickname, the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky is the Horse Capital of the World

Kentucky is home to many horses. 

In fact, Kentucky is the horse capital of the world! 

There are over 400 horse farms in the city of Lexington alone! 

Kentucky’s love of horses makes it the place to be for equine culture, sports, recreational activities, and more.

The Longest Cavern is in Kentucky

Located in Mammoth Cave National Park is the longest cave system in the world.

With more than 400 miles of explored underground cave systems, it is one of the oldest tourist attractions in the United States.

Fun Facts About Kentucky

Kentucky Celebrates the Sport of Baseball

The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory celebrates all things baseball. 

Originally this museum started out as a simple baseball bat factory, but it has since turned into an iconic legendary baseball museum. 

One special tribute to baseball is the 120-foot tall replica of the bat used by Babe Ruth in the 1920’s. 

Leaning against the side of the Louisville Slugger Museum, it is the largest baseball bat in the world, weighing more than 60,000 pounds, and standing over five-stories high!

Moonbows are Visible in Kentucky

One of the only places in the world where you can see a moonbow is in Kentucky. 

What is a moonbow, exactly? 

Well, it is a rainbow that is created by the light of the moon instead of the light of the sun. 

If you’re lucky, on the night of a full moon, you can catch a moonbow at the Cumberland Falls State Park waterfall in Corbin, Kentucky. 


Kentucky has the Largest Fireworks Show

Known as the Thunder of Louisville, this incredible firework display in the world’s largest fireworks show in the world! 

The Thunder of Louisville takes place in the beginning of spring during the opening ceremony of the Kentucky Derby Festival. 

Lasting for about a half an hour, this spectacular firework presentation fills the dark sky with colorful lights that seem to dance to a patriotic soundtrack. 


Fun Facts About Kentucky

Fun Kentucky Facts 

These interesting facts prove that Kentucky is truly a unique and incredible state. 

We hope that you have discovered some fascinating fun facts that you didn’t already know about the Bluegrass State. 

Did you?

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