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Arkansas Fun Facts

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Let’s learn some fun facts about the state of Arkansas!

Arkansas, also called the Natural State, officially joined the union in 1836. 

The capital of Arkansas (and the biggest city in the state) is Little Rock. 

The state bird is the mockingbird and the flower of the state is the apple blossom! 

Now that we know the basics about Arkansas, let’s discover some fun and unusual facts about this amazing state!

Fun Facts About Arkansas

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Arkansas Interesting Facts for Kids

Arkansas Has aN Official State Musical Instrument

The state musical instrument of Arkansas is the fiddle! 

How did this come about? 

Well, in 1985, it was recognized that the fiddle was a big part of Arkansas life.

The instrument was very important in education and entertainment in Arkansas.

It was on February 28, 1985, that the fiddle became the official state musical instrument. 

How fun!

Arkansas Has the Only Active Diamond Mine in the US

Located in Pike County, Arkansas is Crater of Diamonds State Park. 

It is the only active diamond mine in the United States. 

It is also the only place where visitors can dig for their own jewels and keep what they find! 

Did you know that three of the largest diamonds to ever be discovered in America were found in the state of Arkansas? 


The World Cheese Dip Championship Takes Place in Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas hosts the World Cheese Dip Championship every year in October. 

In fact, did you know that cheese dip was invented in Arkansas in 1935? 

It’s no wonder that this great place is the chosen state to crown the cheese dip champion! 

Sounds delicious! 

Fun Facts About Arkansas

Arkansas Was Once Home to the Largest Ostrich Farm in America

Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas is a beautiful park with incredible natural wonders. 

From ancient thermal springs to lush forest trails, Hot Springs National Park is full of history too. 

Once upon a time, Hot Springs National Park also had the largest ostrich farm in America. 

In the early 1900’s, these beautiful birds in the park were a sight to see. 

Visitors could ride wagons pulled by ostriches and watch ostrich races. 

The farm even sold the ostriches to people who wanted to purchase them.

The World Championship Duck Calling Contest HAPPENS in Arkansas

In Stuttgart, Arkansas, the Wings over the Prairie Festival takes place every November. 

It is at this festival that the World Championship Duck Calling Contest happens.

Every year, duck callers competes for the title of the World’s Best Duck Caller.

The Duck Calling Contest has began in 1936 and has been going on ever since.

It is actually the longest running duck calling contest in history. 


Fun Facts About Arkansas

Fun Facts About the State of Arkansas

There are quite a few incredible facts about the Natural State of Arkansas. 

From its ancient hot springs to its one-of-a-kind diamond mine, this unique state has a lot to offer. 

Whether you’re interested in the outdoors, learning history, or just want to have some fun, these interesting facts are definitely a few good reasons to go and visit the wonderful state of Arkansas.

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