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Learn ASL at Home

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Have you always wanted to learn American Sign Language?

Now you can learn ASL at home with the help of this self-paced language course!

Learn ASL at Home

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Self-Paced ASL Class

I’m not sure who has been more curious about learning American Sign Language – me or the kids.

It’s a language I have always been interested in learning and that excitement for it has been passed down to my kids.

If you have read our review of Mr. D’s Math courses before, you know how much we absolutely love them.

So, when he introduced a self-paced ASL I class, we were super excited to try it!

ASL by one of our favorite homeschool curriculum providers?!?

Yes, please!

ASL I Class Review

From a parent’s perspective, Mr. D Math ASL I class is top-notch.

Like all of the Mr. D Math classes, this one is formatted and presented in a way that keeps students engaged and helps them learn.

It’s fun, quick-paced so that children don’t get bored, and you can go back and review at any time so that you have time to digest and fully master the material.

We have experienced a lot of different homeschool curriculums and Mr. D Math’s programs are always high-quality.

The ASL I class is no different.

Learn ASL at Home with This Self-Paced Course

How the ASL I Class Works

Self-paced and thorough, you can learn ASL at home with the help of videos, graphics, and instruction from the ASL I teacher, Thia.

The videos are detailed and explain the lesson in a way that’s both approachable and knowledgeable.

If you need to stop the recording and go back to review the signs, there is always that option.

With no time limit or deadline on the assignments, students can practice to mastery without worrying about getting behind.

This is a huge difference from language classes that you might find in public schools or even live language classes.

It’s an amazingly beneficial feature for students who need extra processing time.

(As a parent of a dyslexic child, I absolutely loved this feature of the ASL I class!)

Class Set-Up

There are 32 lessons that build upon each other so that, by the end of the class, you and your child are able to hold short, simple conversations with people who communicate through ASL.

Each lesson features the explainer video with a demonstration of signs.

We also loved that the instructor, Thia, taught about deaf culture and didn’t just present the signs in a vacuum.

Some lessons have an additional vocabulary section that features more signs that work with that day or week’s lesson.

There are also homework or quiz assignments with most of the lessons.

For many of the homework assignments, students are asked to record themselves signing the words and phrases that they learned in the lesson.

Don’t worry if your child has test anxiety!

While Thia does look over the assignments and offers suggestions, there’s not a lot of pressure or judgement.

Learning a language is a process and that attitude is reflected in the course.

Learn ASL at Home with This Self-Paced Course

You *Can* Learn ASL at Home

There’s something magical about learning a new language.

When it’s taught in a way that’s supportive and encouraging, the process of learning becomes exciting and interesting.

Mr. D Math’s ASL I Class is one of those language courses that make you look forward to that portion of your day.

It is, without a doubt, outstanding.

Whether you are learning ASL as part of your homeschool language requirements or simply want to learn ASL at home to further your own language skills, this course can help you achieve your goal.

As the 13-year-old said to sum it up, “This is a really cool class. I’m learning a lot and it’s fun! Who knew learning a language would be something that I really look forward to?!?”

Learn More About the ASL I Class and All of the Mr. D Math courses!

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