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The Best Bedtime Stories for Children

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The best bedtime stories for children are ones that calm them down and make them happy.

We’ve rounded up some of the best bedtime stories for children below!

Bedtime Stories for Children

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Bedtime stories to read with your kids

After a long day, bedtime for children can sometimes be a challenge. 

Help your little ones settle down and relax with a nice bedtime story. 

Not sure what book to read? 

Don’t worry! 

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite nighttime stories to get you started. 

Check them out below!

Awesome Bedtime Stories to Read with Kids

The Twinkly, Twinkly Bedtime Book

By:  Sam Taplin

Take a nighttime walk with little bear and his dad. 

This book explores the starry night sky through a unique LED light up story.

Stories of Dogs

By:  Russell Punter

Children will find out just what a dog’s life is like with these enjoyable puppy tales that are perfect for bedtime. 

Just So Stories for Little Children

Retold By:  Anna Milbourne

With a collection of six imaginative stories about animals, this wonderful read-aloud picture book for children will surely give them something to dream about.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

B is for Bedtime

By:  Margaret Hamilton

Filled with sweet, gentle rhymes that go along with the alphabet, this book is a great choice for a sleepy time story.

Five-Minute Bedtime Stories

By:  Sam Taplin

There are eleven creative animal stories, each with colorful illustrations, in this delightful bedtime collection.

Animal Stories for Bedtime

By:  Susanna Davidson and Katie Daynes

This book is filled with fascinating retellings of the classics. 

It’s a perfect addition to any children’s library.

Goodnight, Chameleon!

By:  Clive McFarland

Play hide-and-seek with Chameleon and discover new colors as he goes on one last adventure before bed. 

Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night!

By:  Bernd Penners, Henning Löhlein

A unique book with reusable stickers, children will love this interactive bedtime story with animal friends.

Bedtime Stories for Children

Lights-Out, Leonard

By:  Josh Pyke

Help Leonard not be so scared of those monsters under the bed with this brilliant nighttime tale.

Night, Night on the Farm

By:  Anna Shuttlewood

This board book actually has mini storybooks that are hidden inside. 

This new and innovative take on a bedtime story will soon become a family favorite.

Love You Hoo

By:  Rachel Bright

Say good night with Little Owl and Big Owl as they reminiscence the past and look ahead to the future. 

Yoga Animals in the Forest

By:  Christiane Kerr

Learn relaxing yoga with Bear and his friends in the forest. 

From morning until night, there’s yoga for any time of day.

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears

By:  Alastair Chisholm

Inspire little ones to create their own bedtime story just like Jamie and his dad did in this fairy tale adventure. 

Book of Nighttime

By:  Laura Cowan

Explore a whole new world that awakens during the night in this wonderful interactive nighttime story.

The Very Best Bedtime Stories for Children

Night Sounds

By:  Sam Taplin

Discover the sounds of night in this lovely multi-sensory book for children. 

Goodnight, Owl!

By:  Clive McFarland

Meet frogs, mice, foxes, and more by lifting felt flaps throughout this charming book.

Armadillo on a Pillow

By:  Russell Punter

This fun rhyming tale is a great choice for a quick bedtime read. 

Have an adventure with a sleepy armadillo and a wish-granting fairy.

Lemur Dreamer

By:  Courtney Dicmas

Take a late night adventure or two with Louis! 

He’s a sleepwalking lemur who gets himself into all kinds of crazy situations.

Monsters in the Dark

By:  Zanna Davidson

A wonderful bedtime book with friendly monsters that just might help children with a fear of the dark.

Time for Bed, Hippo!

By:  Teresa Bellón

This snappy board book is a win to help both Hippo and your little one get to bed.

Bedtime Stories for Children

How to Tuck in Your Sleepy Lion

By:  Jane Clarke

A delightful bedtime book for children, this quick read is perfect for children who don’t want to go to bed just yet.      

The Best Bedtime Stories to Read to Kids

Bedtime stories are a perfect way to end a long day! 

So, get ready to jump in your jammies, get cozy, and share a nighttime tale with your littles. 

Have fun reading!

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