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Our Oily Way of Life

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Sometimes going with something unconventional can be the best decision for your family. Here’s more about our oily way of life.

Our Oily Way of Life

I was first introduced to essential oils when I was in school to become an esthetician. My instructor was amazing and very into holistic health alternatives. I learned a little, but never used them beyond the treatment room. Fast forward 15 years and 3 kids later.

As a work-at-home, homeschooling mom, I had a lot on my plate. A lot. And after awhile, the weight of that was wearing me down. I needed something to help support normal body function and mood. So, when a friend had a class about essential oils at her home in August 2014, I went with an open albeit skeptical and excited mind.


I knew she was going to talk about Young Living Essential Oils, so I did some research beforehand. I checked out their Seed to Seal Promise, which is the way they grow and process their own oils from their own farms. I checked out their competition. I read some online reviews…some great, some neutral, and some that were very clearly written by people who were supporting another brand. I also read about them as a multi-level marketing company.

I’d been involved with another selling company years ago and went in full force. I was dedicated, I was passionate, I went outside my comfort zone repeatedly, dealt with a lot of upline drama, but at the end of the day it didn’t grow to the level I wanted. And I spent a lot of money getting to that point. The fact that I was potentially dealing with another selling company in these oils scared me and, in truth, turned me off. I did not want to go down that path again.

But I went to the class, because I was curious. And I learned. And I smelled the oils. And I tried Stress Away…and fell in love. I can honestly say that the moment I decided to purchase the oils was when I tried Stress Away and it did exactly what its name implies. I relaxed, made a list of oils I wanted, and then started pricing them out at retail cost. Because I did not want to become a wholesale distributor. No way, no how, absolutely not.

I brought my list home with the prices and discussed them with my husband. He was on board and has always been a believer in alternatives. We discussed the cost. And then I told him about the wholesale option where you get 24% off all of your oil purchases. I explained that the Premium Starter Kit included all of the oils on my list, a diffuser, and samples of the NingXia Red that I was excited for us to try…but was significantly less expensive than all of the oils and a diffuser put together – like a lot less than retail. You would think it would be a no-brainer, right? Buy the kit, get wholesale discounts, and have absolutely no obligation to share the oils, grow a team, or buy anything else ever again…sounds like a sure yes, doesn’t it? It wasn’t.

Because the lingering past failures of selling companies was ringing in my ears and I did not want to get involved.


I thought about it, I prayed about it, I asked my friend more questions about it, I read and devoured everything I could about these oils and the company. And when I had eased my worries and felt confident in the decision, I ordered my Premium Starter Kit.

Waiting for it to arrive was sheer torture. I wanted it yesterday after I made the decision. My wonderful friend gave me an Essential Oils Reference Book that I marked up, made notes on, and read through.

Once the kit arrived…I fell in love all over again. I was still super resistant to telling anyone else, but soon after, I let it slip. My son’s tutor had had a car accident a few years ago and his spine had been compressed which had led to multiple surgeries, treatments, etc. I gave him an oil to try and it helped. It helped a lot actually…more so than the oil that he had been using (and he was a distributor for the competitor!).

And then my mom wanted to try them and loved them and wanted to get the Premium Starter Kit, because it had the oils she wanted and the diffuser and was cheaper than buying all of the oils individually. So, she signed up for the wholesale membership (think of it like buying a membership to Costco or BJs) to get the discounts and deal on the Starter Kit.

Just like that, my Young Living family started to grow.


I know that there are people out there who, like me, are looking for alternatives to support their family’s well-being and health. I know there are people out there who do not want to get involved in a selling company. I know there are people out there who are reading this and thinking there’s got to be a catch or a secret clause or who are thinking “she says there’s no obligation now, but I bet there is”. I know there are, because I was one of you.

But there’s not. There’s no clause, no catch, no future obligation to do anything, ever. There’s just not.

So, what can essential oils do for you? For my family, they do a lot.

  • My oldest asks for Stress Away before he starts homework;
  • My youngest asks for Lavender on her pillow at bedtime;
  • My middle son breaks out the roller bottle of Thieves for his feet after he’s been around a lot of people – especially in the winter;
  • I breathe in Peppermint when I need to focus;
  • I roll on Stress Away before I start work;
  • I slip a drop of Lemon in my water instead of a cup of coffee in the early afternoon;
  • I diffuse Purification when the cats have been especially stinky – or the kids leave their sneakers in the living room;
  • I clean the bathroom with Thieves Cleaner, because I want to reduce the chemical footprint in our house;
  • And we use them countless times throughout the day in ways that work for us.

For us, oils are what we reach for first which has made it easy to reduce our consumption and use of chemicals.

Don’t believe it? Check out the infographics below about some of the other things that Young Living Essential Oils can do for you.

And then, when you’re ready for more information or you’re ready to order your Premium Starter Kit, email me or scroll down. I can walk you through it and support you in your use of the oils. Yes, it will be growing our Oily Family, which is exactly what I said I didn’t want to get involved in, but it’s yourdecision. If you want to get involved, I’ve got your back.


It’s so dramatic to say that this kit changed my life, but without a doubt, hands-down, this kit changed my life. Not only is it the perfect introduction to essential oils and living an oily life, it’s also amazingly cost effective. You get so many different oils with so many different uses that you’ll be able to clean, support your body’s well-being and mental health, and be happy doing it. Check it out!

Our Oily Way of Life with Young Living


Great question! The Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 essential oils, samples, AND your choice of a diffuser. There are four different diffuser varieties and the one you choose will ultimately determine the cost of your kit. My favorite is the Home Diffuser, but the pretty Dewdrop Diffuser is a close second.

In addition to the oils and the diffuser, you’ll also be enrolled in a wholesale membership and get 24% off retail prices on all future purchases! There is NO obligation to buy anything else, but if you want to? Consistently getting 24% off retail prices is amazing!


  • Lavender – 5ml
  • Peppermint Vitality – 5ml
  • Lemon Vitality – 5ml
  • Copaiba Vitality – 5ml
  • Frankincense – 5ml
  • Thieves Vitality – 5ml
  • Purification – 5ml
  • R.C. – 5ml
  • DiGize Vitality – 5ml
  • PanAway – 5ml
  • Stress Away – 5ml

*Depending on the availability, any of the oils may be substituted for the equally amazing 5ml bottles of these oils: AromaEase, Citrus Fresh Vitality, Lemongrass Vitality, Orange Vitality, Tea Tree.


Those oils sound nice, but what do you do with them?! Check out the guide below for ideas and ways that you can easily incorporate the oils in the Premium Starter Kit in your everyday life. Not only can they help support your well-being, they’re also fabulous for replacing dryer sheets (did you know they can be toxic?!), candles, room sprays, and household cleaners.

Our Oily Way of Life with Young Living Essential Oils

Bonus Gifts!

I want you to love your oils and incorporate them into your daily life, because I know how amazing they can be – and you deserve amazing! So, when you sign up for the wholesale membership with the Premium Starter Kit using my Enroller ID (2012456)**, I will also send you my go-to, absolute favorite essential oils guide book. It’s filled with great ideas for how to use your oils.

I’ll also send you a set of Essential Oil Bottle Labels and a 5ml bottle of one of my very favorite essential oils, Spearmint!

Let’s Recap!

When you purchase the Young Living Premium Starter Kit (starts at $160 plus tax & shipping), you get:

  • 11 bottles of therapeutic grade, natural, certified essential oils* (Lavender, Peppermint Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, Frankincense, Thieves Vitality, Purification, R.C., DiGize Vitality, PanAway, and Stress Away)
  • diffuser of your choice
  • Samples to share with friends
  • wholesale membership that saves you 24% on all future essential oils
  • And from me** when you sign-up with my Member ID of 2012456:
    • An essential oils reference guide
    • A set of Essential Oils Bottle Labels
    • A 5ml bottle of one of my very favorite oils, Spearmint
    • Membership in our amazingly supportive and fun private Facebook group
    • Unending support! You never have to worry about who to ask if you have questions, need support, or want info on oils or products! I have your back!
Our Oily Way of Life - YL Starter Packages

Still Want to Know More?

When I first heard about essential oils, I was the same way. I devoured everything I could before signing up for my wholesale membership and getting my Premium Starter Kit. That’s okay, because sometimes we just want to know more! Check out the videos below and if you have any questions, feel free to email me using the contact form. I’m happy to help answer any questions you have.

Get the Kit Now!

To purchase the Premium Starter Kit and get your wholesale membership, just click the button below. If you’d like to walk through the ordering process step-by-step click HERE (it will open in a separate tab, so that you can follow the instructions while you’re signing up).

**To receive the Bonuses from me, you must complete your Premium Starter Kit purchase in the same month that you sign up for an account; otherwise the free gift will be forfeited. Offer good in the US, free gifts may be substituted for purchasers outside the US.

Essential Oils are Concentrated

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read the full disclaimerhere.

Want to ask more question?  Email me at [email protected] or leave me a direct message here!

I can’t wait to share these amazing oils with you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.