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5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Engaged During Online High School Classes

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Online classes are convenient, but how do you keep your high schooler engaged and learning when they’re faced with material that may challenge them?

Here are five ways to make that happen!

Keeping Teens Engaged While Taking Online High School Classes

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This article was sponsored by stepmojo. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a former teacher and homeschool mom of three kids, I have been through the high school years twice.

The youngest, who I swear was just three yesterday, starts her freshman year in the fall.

So, I understand what it’s like trying to keep high schoolers engaged – especially with online classes.

While there is no magic formula that will work for every child, the five strategies below have been a lifesaver for my kids when they were tackling online classes and needed to focus.

Because let’s face it, it’s a lot easier (and more fun!) to play on your phone or take a snooze than it is to do geometry.

So, keeping those teens engaged in their online classes is a must!

How to Focus on Online High School Classes

Ditch Distraction

Distraction when doing online high school classes is real.

It comes in the form of smartphones and televisions.

It’s lying in wait on pillows and sunshiny days.

Distraction = Lack of Focus. And that’s the ultimate killer for teens taking classes online.

So, ditch the distractions!

Put the cellphones in a different room.

Turn off the television.

Invest in a set of noise-canceling headphones.

Turn the desk away from the window and remove the study/school space from the bedroom.

By removing distractions, it’s easier to concentrate and get work done – even if it’s not a subject you particularly like!

5 Ways to Keep Teens Engaged in Online Classes

Go Live

Asynchronous or self-paced classes are great and definitely have a place in online high school classes, but if concentration and engagement are lagging, try a live synchronous class instead!

Online high school classes that are provided by highly regarded organizations and teachers are so important for live classes.

That’s why stepmojo has been a great alternative for us for tackling those basic and higher-level high school subjects.

stepmojo is an online platform that offers live, synchronous middle and high school classes that have been fully vetted and approved.

stepmojo logo

Unlike other online class providers, live classes are held a couple of times a week, and students are expected to engage both with the teacher and their peers.

This makes it easy to stay engaged while learning!

As a parent and former teacher, I absolutely love that the students get to form bonds with their teachers and peers.

Doing online classes can often feel so impersonal, but stepmojo’s classes are not that way at all.

Teachers are invested in their students and their success.

They take the time to get to know each child and provide them with personalized help and feedback.

In a lot of ways, it’s like hiring a master teacher to come and teach your child and some of their new friends.

When teens know that someone is invested in them, they tend to be more invested in their classes.

It’s a win-win!

stepmojo is actually offering $100 off all Fall 2022 semester classes when you register by August 1, 2022 and you can take an additional $50 off by using the code 50mamateaches before September 1, 2022! Check out all of their courses for the fall HERE!

5 Ways to Keep Teens Engaged in Online Classes

Short Bursts

Whether your teen has trouble paying attention or not, long online classes can be challenging to stay focused on.

Instead, work in short bursts.

After each concept or a couple of concepts, take a 5-minute break.

Stand up, stretch, and get a drink of water before tackling the next portion of the class.

Obviously, this works best with asynchronous classes where it won’t be disruptive to see someone stretching in the middle of a trigonometry class!

Sometimes those short bursts of concentration and effort can produce the best results!

Team Work

If your high schooler has trouble concentrating on his online classes, consider teaming up with another family to have the kids do the work together.

Being able to discuss the content of the class and help each other solve problems and understand the material can be a huge benefit. Just be careful that the conversations stay on track and that the teamwork doesn’t end up being more of a distraction than it’s worth!

5 Ways to Keep Teens Focused in Online High School Classes


Engaging multiple senses while taking an online class is important.

Your teen may be watching and listening to the class, but encouraging them to take notes adds an extra element of hands-on learning that can help cement their comprehension.

Not only does taking notes help your child stay engaged, but it also helps prepare them for the college setting where they will be required to take notes during lectures.

Staying Focused on Online High School Classes

Online high school classes don’t have to be tedious and difficult to focus on.

Whether you try a live class through stepmojo or work with a partner on an asynchronous class, there are ways to make the classes more interesting and keep your teen invested.


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