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Bored Jars to Combat Summer Boredom

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“I’m so bored!” seems to roll off the tongue more in the summer. Bust summer boredom with this simple jar full of boredom-buster ideas.

Bored Jars to Combat Summer Boredom

What is a Bored Jar?

Combatting summer boredom can be a bit easier with a Bored Jar.

This is a jar that is full of ideas that kids can do to alleviate being bored.

It can be as fancy or as simple as you would like. It’s entirely tailorable for your kids and your lifestyle.

Bored Jars to Combat Summer Boredom

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Why are Bored Jars Helpful?

Even though the kids are off school, that doesn’t mean their parents are off work.

Because of this, parents sometimes need the kids to be occupied (and quiet, at times) while working.

Bored jars can be colored-coded to help kids know what strips they should be grabbing during quiet time, what stripes are outside activities, the strips that are crafts, etc.

Kids have much more free time in the summer, which results in summer boredom.

However, there are too many things to choose from (or that slip their minds), so a Bored Jar helps them decide what they should do.

Bored Jars to Combat Summer Boredom

When to Use a Bored Jar

Summer boredom bored jars can be implemented at a particular time of each day or used any time when the kids are bored.

How to Use a Bored Jar

Have the kids pick out an activity from the Bored Jar and have them do it.

The kids can choose specific colored paper depending on what they feel like doing (crafts, outside activities, quiet activities, learning activities, baking activities, etc.).

More than one activity can be completed a day, depending on how bad the summer boredom gets.

Decide as a family if the item gets placed back into the jar or if it is put into a new jar so there aren’t repeats.

Bored Jars to Combat Summer Boredom

How to Make a Bored Jar

1. Come up with activities your kids like doing. This can be anything from baking a cake, reading, playing outside or having outdoor challenges, having a dance party, making a secret code, etc. Find activities they can do independently.

2. Decide on categories for the activities. Think about if there are times that it needs to be quiet. You may want to add a quiet activity section where your children can listen to a poetry podcast for kids or something. If they need help with any activities (like if there are some cooking with kids projects), make all those activities a specific category.

3. Assign each category a different color.

Bored Jars to Combat Summer Boredom

4. Cut out strips of paper of the chosen colors.

5. Write the different activities for the bored jar on colored paper according to their category.

6. Fold the paper and place it inside the Bored Jar.

7. Create a key for the different colored papers and place it with the Bored Jar.

8. Try out the Bored Jar.

Bored Jars to Combat Summer Boredom

Summer Boredom Buster Category Ideas

-outside activities


-quiet activities

-activities needing help

-energy busting activities

-learning activities

102+ Bored Jar Activities

  1. Create a scrapbook
  2. Play board games
  3. Go on a nature walk
  4. Make homemade popsicles
  5. Have a picnic in the park
  6. Build a fort
  7. Paint rocks
  8. Make slime
  9. Write and act out a play
  10. Do a puzzle together
  11. Have a dance party
  12. Make friendship bracelets
  13. Learn origami
  14. Create an obstacle course
  15. Bake cookies or cupcakes
  16. Play hide-and-seek
  17. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  18. Watch educational videos online
  19. Write letters to family members or friends
  20. Build with LEGO bricks
  21. Write and illustrate your own comic book
  22. Go on a scavenger hunt
  23. Play dress up
  24. Make paper airplanes and have races
  25. Play with water balloons
  26. Watch funny animal videos
  27. Make your own pizza from scratch
  28. Create your own music video
  29. Have a tea party
  30. Invent your own board game
  31. Read books together
  32. Go roller skating or ice skating
  33. Plan and stage your own talent show
  34. Play mini-golf at home
  35. Make homemade ice cream
  36. Learn magic tricks
  37. Host an indoor Olympics
  38. Create your own photo booth
  39. Make bird feeders
  40. Play hopscotch
  41. Write stories together
  42. Go on a bike ride
  43. Make jewelry out of beads or string
  44. Sing karaoke
  45. Build sandcastles in the sandbox
  46. Have fun with face painting
  47. DIY science experiments
  48. Do yoga or meditation together
  49. Draw portraits of each other
  50. Build model cars or planes
  51. Research something you’re interested in
  52. Make a home cinema
  53. Play with dolls or action figures
  54. Make homemade playdough
  55. Learn a new language together
  56. Do some gardening
  57. Build an indoor tent out of sheets and pillows and read some kids camping books
  58. Create a family tree
  59. Make a time capsule
  60. Learn to knit or crochet
  61. Paint with watercolors
  62. Host a book club for kids
  63. Star gaze at night
  64. Go on a virtual museum tour
  65. Build a birdhouse
  66. Cook dinner together
  67. Learn to code
  68. Turn old shirts into tote bags
  69. Play with playfoam
  70. Create your own pillow out of a t-shirt
  71. Draw pictures of your house
  72. Try baking bread from scratch
  73. Play games on devices
  74. Make a secret code
  75. Do a sensory scavenger hunt
  76. Design and create your own t-shirts
  77. Learn to make paper boats that can sail
  78. Go on a virtual field trip
  79. Have fun with balloon tennis
  80. Practice origami animal making
  81. Create an indoor hopscotch course
  82. Play “I Spy” 
  83. Make paper chain garland for decoration
  84. Create your own comic strip series
  85. Watch documentaries about animals
  86. Learn how to draw cartoons
  87. Solve riddles together
  88. Have fun with bubble painting
  89. Complete a virtual escape room
  90. Go on an imaginary adventure.
  91. Take photos of nature in your backyard.
  92. Make homemade soaps
  93. Create personalized bookmarks
  94. Make a sugar scrub
  95. Play dress up and put on fashion shows
  96. Make DIY snow globes
  97. Play “Two truths and one lie”.
  98. Learn some new dance moves
  99. Have fun making papier-mâché
  100. Make your own Tic Tac Toe game with chalk.
  101. Make tissue paper flowers
  102. Make a mask
  103. Learn how to write your name in Morse Code. (This one is so cool!)
  104. Make a summer mobile
Boredom Jar Freebie
Grab Your Boredom Jar Free Printables in the Freebies Library

Bored Jar Freebie

There is a free printable of the 102 boredom buster activities listed above to help make your bored jar a bit easier. To access it, go to the Freebie Library. It’s under Family Activities!

Bored Jars to Combat Summer Boredom

Summer Boredom

It can be challenging for kids to decide what to do with all their free time in the summer.

Help minimize summer boredom with bored jars.

The free printable will help to get your bored jar quickly started.

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