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Road Trip Games for Kids

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Road Trip Games for Kids

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Heading out on a road trip with the family is one of the best ways to spend quality time together.

But all that togetherness in such close quarters can sometimes cause tension to run high.

Keeping everyone amused and occupied is key to an enjoyable journey.

Finding a few fun road trip games for kids to play along the way can help you to avoid fighting and bickering, plus will fend off those words every parent hates to hear – “I’m BORED!”

Here are some simple road trip games for kids that don’t take a lot of pre-trip prep or require a lot of parts or pieces that disappear inside the car.

Road Trip Games for Kids-+

Road Trip Games for Kids

20 Questions

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned game of 20 Questions!

One person must choose a item, person, or place and the rest of the players can ask a total of 20 yes or no questions to try to guess what the person is thinking of.

Take turns going around the car until someone is able to guess correctly or you run out of questions to ask.

(A bonus – even the driver can get in on the fun, as this game is hands-free!)

Window Pictionary

Let the kids write on the windows and play a fun game of Pictionary, drawing illustrations to get the others in the car to guess the word or phrase they are drawing.

Just pick up a pack of window markers before you head out on your road trip.

The kids will not only be entertained by the game, but it’s such a fun and novel idea to be able to write on the car windows.


This is another one of our favorite road trip games for kids that can be played with window markers.

Play an easy game of Hangman, right in the car.

Make sure that everyone gets a chance to sit by the window seat so that they’ll get a chance to set up a game on the window to entertain the rest of the passengers.

Would You Rather

Would You Rather is another easy game where everyone can get in on the fun.

Ask questions that make everyone choose their preferred scenario.

The questions can range from fun to silly to gross, depending on the level of maturity and personalities of your kiddos.

You may want to put some limits into place if the questions start to get a little out of hand.

I Spy

I Spy is another classic that is simple to play in the car, especially with little ones who aren’t reading quite yet.

Typically, this game is played with colors.

One person will say “I spy something yellow! (or green, blue, etc)” and everyone else will take turns guessing until someone figures out what the person was looking at.

That person is the next to “spy” an item for the others to guess.

License Plate Scavenger Hunt

A license plate scavenger hunt is the one of the quintessential road trip games for kids.

As you travel along, each person writes down license plates from each state as they see them on the road.

You can make rules that the first person to call out the state as they see the plate gets the point or work together to find as many as you can.

There are loads of great road trip games for kids, which will help you pass the time while you’re en route to your destination.

Try some of these that we’ve shared or think up some fun games from your own childhood.

You’re sure to have a more peaceful drive with everyone having so much fun together.

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