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7 Places Every Child Must Visit Before They Turn 18

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7 Places Every Child Must Visit Before They Turn 18

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Even though we all wish our kids would stay kids forever, 18 is technically the age when they cross the bridge from childhood into adulthood.

Before that happens, there are some places you will want to take your kids to better prepare them for their newly acquired adult status.

It is important for adults to be aware of not only their immediate surroundings, but their global surroundings, as well.

Here are 7 places every child must visit before turning 18.

7 Places to Take Your Child Before She Turns 18


Unless you live in the city, it is almost impossible to describe the city lifestyle without witnessing it first hand.

People-watching in Rockefeller Center, craning your neck to enjoy the architecture of the Sears Tower in Chicago or strolling across the star lined sidewalk in front of the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles can be an eye opening experience about man’s accomplishments for your children.

Considering cities are the work of humans, visiting one with your older teen might spark some creativity and possible future life goals once he or she sees all that can be accomplished.


Most kids do not quite understand the full process their food takes to get to the table each day.

Learning where food comes from can really give children a better understanding of the entire journey from start to finish.

Taking your children to a vegetable or dairy farm can broaden their outlook on fresh foods and may even help them make better food choices when they are on their own.


Visiting with our older generations can be a tremendous asset to your children’s knowledge bank.

Volunteering is even better!

Your kids can talk with people who have experienced first hand all the events your children may have only heard about in school.

Your children will learn more about the value of human life and how much people are capable of doing.

They may get the chance to talk with war veterans, moms, nurses, professional athletes, and even corporate business moguls to find out how our beautiful world has gotten where it is today.


No matter what your beliefs may be visiting a church, synagogue, temple, mosque or any other place of worship can be a wonderful learning experience for anyone.

Seeing how people of different religions worship will give your child a better understanding of both the similarities and differences between religions.

7 Places Every Child Must Visit Before They Turn 18


You may have relatives that still live in the same area you grew up in and visit all the time.

But if you don’t, you should take a trip back to your old stomping grounds to give your own kids a feel of what it was like when you were younger.

Whether they admit it or not, kids marvel in those small instances when they can find similarities between themselves and you.

Knowing where you used to hang out – the places that formed you – may be just what your child needs to feel even closer to you as an adult.

Heading to your home town is definitely one of the places every child must visit before turning 18!


You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

In fact, volunteering at other times of the year is sometimes even more appreciated.

Your child may get more out of volunteering on a regular day because he will see exactly what it is like – all the time.

There is no holiday or time off for people in need.

Teaching that valuable lesson to your children can help build them into giving, humble adults.


Take your children somewhere you’ve never been!

This should be done more than once, too.

Let your child know that it’s ok to go places and explore even if you do not have an exact lay of the land.

It will help their navigational skills for those times when they may need it.

You may have a list of other places you want to take your children before they become adults.

What are some of the places you think every child should visit before turning 18?

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