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STEM: Chlorophyll Science Activity

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Get up close with the photosynthesis process by painting with chlorophyll. This STEM chlorophyll science lesson will be memorable for all.

Chloropyll Science Activity

Learning with Nature

Taking kids out into nature is good for getting the wiggles out. It is also proven to improve physical and emotional health and allow them to retain information better.

There are many different things kids can do with nature while exploring and collecting additional nature items while on a nature walk gives the walking purpose.

Learning about the plant cycle is in most science curriculums, so it’s perfect for incorporating into your nature explorations.

But, even if you don’t follow a set curriculum or standards, the topic of plants will undoubtedly arise.

Bring the topic of photosynthesis to life with this hands-on chlorophyll science craft activity.

Chloropyll Science Activity

What is Chlorophyll?

The green color of leaves is the chlorophyll inside the leaves. Chlorophyll helps the plant to make its food through the process of photosynthesis.

When looking at a plant cell, chlorophyll is inside the chloroplast.

Chloropyll Science Activity

Items Needed for Chlorophyll Science Activity

-Leaves (collected from a nature walk or spinach from the store)

-White Paper

-Metal Spoon

How to Paint with Chlorophyll

1. Go on a nature walk and collect leaves. You can also save the spinach from rotting in your fridge and use that instead!

2. Fold the white paper in half.

3. Put the leaves inside the paper. Spread out the leaves, so they are in a single layer.

4. Using the back of a metal spoon, push all over the top of the paper. You will see the paper starting to get wet and green.

Chloropyll Science Activity

5. Open the paper and look at the chlorophyll (the green marks) inside the paper.

6. Ball up the leaves and try drawing (“painting”) with the leaves.

7. Talk about the chlorophyll science activity. Brainstorm why the leaves needed to be crushed before the chlorophyll could be used.

Chloropyll Science Activity

Changes to Make

Give Fewer Instructions

When kids are given some materials and little to no instructions, they must think through different solutions to the problem.

Challenge them to get the chlorophyll out of the leaves. What a fun chlorophyll science activity!

This adaptation to the original directions will help to turn this chlorophyll science activity into a STEM activity and require the kids to brainstorm, try out a plan, revise the plan, and try again.

Add in Other Elements

Add markers, rocks, grass, flowers, etc., to create a collage using chlorophyll paint and other natural items.

Chloropyll Science Activity

Try to Paint on Different Surfaces

Does rubbing the leaves on rocks, grass, tree bark, or dirt work?

Use Different Leaves

Try this chlorophyll science activity with different kinds of leaves. See if certain types of leaves are easier to get chlorophyll out of.

Are there any connections between the types of leaves (texture, waxy coding, etc.)?

Same Method, Other Nature Items

Use the same method as this chlorophyll science activity but try it on flower petals, fruit, or anything else your little ones can think of.

Does the pigment come out of the other items as easily?

Chloropyll Science Activity

Painting with Nature

Spark some interest in leaves with this fun chlorophyll science activity. Whether doing a plant unit or exploring nature, the kids in your life will love painting with nature.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.