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Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

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Are you revving up for summer school? Make your classroom cheery and bright with these summer school bulletin board ideas.

Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

Why Bulletin Boards Matter for Summer School

No student wants to go to summer school. They’d rather play or relax!

But they may enjoy summer school once they get there; that’s in part due to the tone you set as the teacher.

One way to cast an upbeat attitude is through a fun or inspiring summer school bulletin board.

These summer school bulletin board ideas range from simple to execute to super crafty.

You know yourself; pick one that suits your classroom and your level of craftiness.

Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

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20 Summer School Bulletin Boards

These summer bulletin board ideas draw their inspiration from summer’s bright and cheery vibe!

You can also highlight some major holidays in the summer: namely Juneteenth, Father’s Day, and Independence Day.

Hello Summer Bulletin Board

This general summer bulletin board features the rainbow of colors and delicious popsicles!

O-fish-ally Summer Bulletin Board

It’s summertime–let the puns roll! This bulletin board has space to write your students’ names on the fish in the sea.

Toad-ally Awesome Summer Bulletin Board

This adorable board sets an optimistic tone for the summer.

Sailing Into Summer Bulletin Board

I love all the three-dimensional elements on this summertime board.

Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

Class Name Bulletin Board

Summer school bulletin boards can be more general since students are not there for very long.

Flip Flop Into Summer Bulletin Board

Why craft all these summertime items when you can pick them up at the Dollar Store?

This bulletin board uses real flip flops, inner tubes, and shovels.

Summer Calendar Bulletin Board

Here is an example of a simple calendar bulletin board that is themed for summer.

Grow Where You Are Planted Bulletin Board

This bulletin board emphasizes that summer school can be an opportunity, not a chore!

Biology Bulletin Board

This amazing board is well-worth the effort if you are teaching biology or life science for summer school.

Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

Classroom Rules Meme Bulletin Board

Laugh your way through the list of your classroom expectations.

You can make custom memes with a free meme generator.

Pop Into a Good Book Bulletin Board

Okay, okay, so this is a technically a decorated door.

But it can easily pivot to be a fun and simple-to-make bulletin board.

Color copy some book covers, crinkle some yellow paper, and your bulletin board is poppin’!

Rainbow of Possibilities Bulletin Board

More than most, students in summer school need to be reminded they have a bright future!

I Spy Bulletin Board

How cool is this bulletin board?

You can do a daily I-Spy Challenge as a summer school brain break!

Independence Day Bulletin Board

Here is a bright and interactive 4th of July bulletin board.

Firecraker Bulletin Board

Here is another Independence Day-themed summer bulletin board idea.

This one has the theme of fireworks.

Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

Flamingo Bulletin Board

This bulletin board has summer items to spare: flamingoes, pineapples, and palm trees.

Library Bulletin Board

Why not go with a simple, straightforward message on your summer school bulletin board?

Summer S’more Bulletin Board

Calling all chocolate lovers!

Who else thinks the cotton ball marshmallows are adorable?

Calendar Bulletin Board

A calendar is always a practical option for a bulletin board.

This one is light and bright.

Emoji Bulletin Board

The emojis make this reading bulletin board extra fun!

Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

The Best Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

Brighten your summer school classroom with one or more of these summer school bulletin board ideas.

Whether you prefer a basic bulletin board or something more elaborate, you have plenty of ideas to choose from.

There is a bulletin board for every level of craftiness!

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