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SEL Bulletin Board Ideas

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Would you like to do a bulletin board on Social Emotional Learning?

We’ve got some great SEL bulletin board ideas right here!

SEL Bulletin Board Ideas

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What Are Some Topics for SEL Bulletin Boards?

Social Emotional Learning covers many topics, so you have plenty to choose from when designing an SEL bulletin board.

  • developing a healthy identity
  • maintaining positive relationships with supportive friends and family
  • managing stress
  • feeling empathy
  • keeping emotions under control (self-regulation)
  • making responsible decisions

As you can see, Social Emotional Learning is the foundation for all learning.

Without these skills, it is tough for a child to learn in school.

SEL Bulletin Board Ideas

Social Emotional Learning Bulletin Boards

Help your students learn social-emotional skills by designing a bulletin board around an SEL concept.

Zones of Regulation Bulletin Board

The first step in learning to manage your emotions is understanding your current emotional state.

This is where the Zones of Regulation come in.

On this bulletin board, school staff members modeled the various emotional states.

Expressing Emotions Through Art

Art is a safe way to express your emotions, and artists have been doing just that for ages.

This bulletin board not only teaches kids to identify the mood of various art pieces but also incorporates the Mood Meter.

Mood Meter Class Project

Here is a great way to get your students involved in creating an SEL bulletin board.

Have them assemble a mood meter!

You provide the zone colors and the emotion names.

They correctly place the emotions in the proper zones.

SEL Bulletin Board Ideas

Emoji Feelings Photo Booth

Create a bulletin board where students can wear different emoji faces to identify their moods.

A Little Spot Bulletin Board

A Little Spot of Feelings and A Little Spot of Emotions box sets feature books on all the emotions and star adorable, expressive spots.

For this bulletin board, copy the book covers and make your spots with paper pompoms.

180 Opportunities Bulletin Board

This is one of the SEL bulletin board ideas that is perfect for back to school.

It helps frame the school year in a positive light.

Each student has 180 opportunities to do something special.

Some examples include “take risks,” “extend my thinking,” and “help a friend.”

Frozen Managing Stress Bulletin Board

This wintery bulletin board features snowflakes with coping strategies for stress.

Suggestions include exercise, writing, and talking to a counselor.

SEL Bulletin Board Ideas

Pinwheel Mindfulness Bulletin Board

Each pinwheel on this bulletin board represents a way to practice mindfulness.

The ideas include pinwheel breathing and mindfulness coloring pages.

Friendship Bulletin Board

This bulletin board celebrates friendships among students.

By seeing pictures of themselves with classmates, students will feel a sense of belonging.

“You Matter” Bulletin Board

This bold and colorful bulletin board shows students that they matter to people.

SEL Bulletin Board Ideas

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

This bulletin board illustrates the power of the word “yet.” By adding that word, you change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Kindness Like Confetti Bulletin Board

When you practice empathy, you treat others as you want to be treated.

This bulletin board reminds students of the power of kindness, which can help form positive relationships and create a healthy classroom community.

Inspiring SEL Bulletin Board Ideas

Social Emotional Learning is the foundation of all learning.

By putting up some bright and eye-catching bulletin boards, you can help reinforce those SEL concepts with your students.

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