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25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

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Break out the lemonade and watermelon because summer is here! Help your middle school students stay in writing mode with these 25 summer writing prompts.

25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle School Writers

We have 25 summer writing prompts that pull from the different types of writing: narrative, poetry, expository, persuasive, and descriptive writing. No matter the tastes of your student, there is a summer writing prompt for him or her!

Summer Narrative Writing Prompts for Middle School

Narrative writing involves a story, dialogue, and the retelling of an event from a character’s point of view.

Picnic Message

You go on a picnic and find ants swarming your food. You are about to shoo them away when you realize they are forming themselves into letters. They have a message for you. What is it? Will you follow their instructions? What happens next?

Buried Treasure

One day at the beach you discover a message in a bottle that contains a map of buried treasure. What obstacles do you face searching for the treasure? What type of treasure is it?

Suspicious Popsicles

A new popsicle truck is selling delicious popsicles, but they seem to have a strange effect on everyone. What is it? Who is behind it?

My 7 Summer Jobs

You need to earn money this summer, so you try job after job. Something unfortunate happens at each one. You would find it all hilarious if it weren’t happening to you!

Summer Spy

Your family is planning a summer vacation in a far-off country. Right before you are about to leave, you are enlisted in a special mission. You’ll have to go undercover on your vacation! 

25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

Summer Poetry Prompts for Middle School

Poetry can be rhymed or unrhymed; it can have a meter or be free verse. Poetry can be humorous or emotional, lovely or ridiculous. Everyone can write poetry!

Summer Haiku

Write three lines (5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables) about nature in the summertime. What are the signs that summer is here? 

Acrostic Poem on Summer

Choose a summer-themed word to write an acrostic poem (each line starts with a letter of the word). Here are some ideas: SUMMER, HEATWAVE, or BEACH.

Ode to Summer

An ode is a poem written in praise of someone or something. It is typically pretty short. Write an ode to Summer Vacation, or an ode to your favorite summertime food: watermelon, corn on the cob, or BBQ. 

Ballad for Summer

A ballad is a song made of verses that have 4 lines (most pop songs are ballads). The lines typically rhyme in an ABAB pattern. Write a verse to a song about summer, vacation, fireworks, or the beach. You could use a real song as an inspiration and change the words to make them summer-like.

Summer Limerick

A limerick is a humorous poem with its own rhyme and meter (Edward Lear was the master at them). Read a few aloud to your students and then ask them to write their own summer limerick. Consider the topic: What is it like when you go in the water on a hot day only to discover it is frigid?

25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

Summer Expository Writing Prompts for Middle School

Expository writing, also called information writing, relies on facts; it’s the type of writing you find in textbooks. While this type of writing usually involves research, you can assign prompts with which the student is already familiar.

A Popular Vacation Spot

Tell about a popular vacation spot. What can you do there? What is it known for?

All About Snorkeling

What do you need to go snorkeling? Should you keep safety tips in mind? What should you expect to see?

How to Make Money This Summer

Describe three ways for a middle schooler to make money during the summer.

How to Keep Cool This Summer

Write a short article on 3 ways to stay cool during the summer. 

How to Play a Game

Write directions for playing a game–whether that is a board game, an outdoor game, or a video game.

25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

Summer Persuasive Writing Prompts for Middle School

Persuasive writing involves making an assertion (e.g., “Fireworks are the best part of summer.”) and then persuading your reader that you are correct. You have to provide reasons for your assertion (e.g., “They are bright and spectacular, loud and exhilarating, and involve fire.”)

Which is the Best Frozen Treat and Why?

Everyone likes to raid the freezer for something sweet and cold on a hot summer day. Which is your favorite cold treat (from creamsicles to Klondike Bars to Choco Tacos), and why is it the best?

Which is the Best Vacation Spot?

Would you rather take a summer vacation in the mountains, at the beach, or in the city? Why is it the best?

Whether We Should Do Schoolwork Over the Summer

Should we work on school over the summer? Pick a side and give your reasons. 

Whether Students Should Limit Screen Time Over the Summer

Should you have unlimited access to screens over summer vacation? Why or why not?

What Is the Best Way to Celebrate July 4th?

Persuade someone to celebrate July 4th just as you do.

25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

Summer Descriptive Writing Prompts for Middle School

How can you make your reader a picture when he or she reads? Use descriptive words that involve the five senses!

Describe What It is Like to Hold Your Breath Underwater

Have you ever dunked underwater in a pool or the ocean and held your breath? What do you see, hear, and feel?

Describe a Frozen Treat

Tell about each moment of eating the treat, from picking it up, unwrapping it, and taking the first bite. Which treat will you pick: an ice cream cone, a fruity popsicle, or Italian gelati?

Describe How You Feel on a Summer Night

Have you ever walked outside on a summer night? What do you notice? Describe what you see, hear, smell, and feel.

Describe an Insect

Look at a picture of an insect. Describe what you see in detail. Then give someone your description and have them draw the insect as they imagine it. Compare the drawing to the original picture. Are they close?

Describe a Summer Festival

Do you ever go to a local carnival or holiday celebration? What are the sights, sounds, and smells of the place?

25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle Schoolers

25 Summer Writing Prompts for Middle School

Summer is a time for lemonade and lazy hours, but it can also be a time to write! Inspire your students with these 25 summer writing prompts for middle school.

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