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Fun Facts About Thanksgiving

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Sometimes what we think we know and what actually happened are two different things.

Check out these Thanksgiving Facts to see if you get them right!

Fun Facts About Thanksgiving for Kids

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Thanksgiving Facts

We celebrate Thanksgiving every year on the fourth Thursday of November to give thanks and gratitude. 

What else do we know about this holiday of gratefulness? 

Check out some of these Thanksgiving Day facts!

Thanksgiving Fun Facts for Kids

The First Thanksgiving was in 1621.

The very first Thanksgiving celebration was back in the autumn of 1621. 

A little different than we know it today, the holiday festivities were stretched out over 3 whole days. 

Feasting on food, singing songs, dancing around, and playing games was all part of the merriment.

Wampanoag Natives and Pilgrims Attended the First Thanksgiving

When the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts, the Wampanoag Natives helped them by teaching them how to grow crops and work the land to survive. 

In addition, an agreement was made to unite against any enemies that should attack their land and life. 

To celebrate and honor their plentiful harvest and newfound friendship, Thanksgiving was started.

Thanksgiving Fun Facts for Kids

Pilgrims Didn’t Wear Buckled Hats

Most historical images depict Pilgrims wearing buckled hats and black and white attire for Thanksgiving. 

Truth is, buckles didn’t even come into fashion until much later. 

It is believed that Pilgrims actually chose more colorful apparel (without buckles) to wear to the Thanksgiving festivities.

Thanksgiving Became A National Holiday More Than Once

While President George Washington declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1761, it only began being celebrated annually in 1863 with the help of President Lincoln.  

Bringing friends and family together once a year, Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and appreciative. 

Turkey Wasn’t Served at the First Thanksgiving

No one is really sure when turkey began appearing on the Thanksgiving Day menu, but it sure wasn’t at the first celebration. 

The Pilgrims and Indians ate foods such as duck, venison, cod, bread, pumpkins and cranberries. 

Super Fun Thanksgiving Facts for Kids

Forks Were Not Used to Eat

Back in the day, feasting was mostly done with hands, using knives and spoons only when needed. 

Forks weren’t invented until years later. 

Can you imagine?

Each Year the President Pardons A Turkey

It is said that in 1947, President Truman began the tradition of pardoning a turkey. 

This means that one turkey will be spared and not roasted as a part of the Thanksgiving feast. 

It will spend the rest of its days living it up on a farm instead. 

Thanksgiving Facts

Filled with food, games, song, and dance, we owe this delicious feast of appreciation to the Pilgrims and Native Americans who held the very first Thanksgiving holiday.   

However you celebrate your Thanksgiving holiday, we hope you’ll share some of these fun facts with your family and friends! 

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