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How to Be a Good Parent

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Learning how to be a good parent comes with time and experience, but these tips and tricks can get you there faster.

Are you ready to be a good mom or dad?

Here’s how.

How to Be a Good Parent

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Learn How to Be a Good Parent

In today’s hectic society, parents face challenges that go far beyond family boundaries.

Work, career, image, and status can play a part in the things that are being balanced.

But none of those things even compares to the desire of parents to be “good” moms and dads.

The good news?

You’re already a good parent because you care enough to look for ways to be better.

The bad news?

Sometimes choosing the wrong things or making quick decisions for short-term gain can lead you down the path of parenting peril.

So how do you avoid making decisions that aren’t the best?

You work on it.

Constantly and consistently.

The learning curve to parenting never needs,

Good parenting can have positive effects both within and outside the family unit.

While the number of suggestions and actions is small, the effects of them can be tremendous.

How to Be a Good Parent

How to Be a Good Parent Tip #1

Be a Good Listener

A good relationship between children and parents is essential but very often difficult to achieve.

It all comes down to understanding and listening to where your child is coming from.

Most of the time, children want to be the center stage and express everything they think or feel to everybody around them.

Ever had a child talk non-stop?

This is why.

Children, in general, are quite open-minded and relaxed.

As parents, we have to be ready for this amount of energy coming from our children.

It’s our job as good parents to listen to what our child has to say in order to understand him/her and be able to take the appropriate action.

Do not be a parent who talks all the time and your child’s only activity is listening.

It should be the other way around.

Become the active listener and let your child express himself.

Sometimes even good parents can experience situations in which their child is not keen on talking and interacting.

Hello, teenage years!

It is absolutely normal – albeit frustrating and sometimes worrisome.

The key is to not force the issue and dictate but instead try to listen to whatever they do say or do.

Body language is huge!

Maybe next time it will be your child who starts the conversation.

Listening is understanding.

And the ability to understand can lead to a solution to a problem and a much better relationship..

Parenting 101 - How to Be a Good Parent

Be a Parent First

Parenting is really hard.

There’s no use trying to deny that it’s filled with struggles and can be gut-wrenching more times than not.

But one of the ways to be a good parent is to make sure that you’re parenting first, and being a friend second.

Your job as a parent is to provide structure and routine.

It requires limit-setting and consequence enforcement.

It means that you will not always be your child’s favorite person and that sometimes parenting is going to stink.

You can be friends with your child, but you have to be their parent first and foremost.

A good parent is a rock, not a friend who may come and go.

How to Be a Good Mom

Be a guide for Your Children

Good parents act as a guide for their children.

They try to guide them away from harmful situations and toward more positive ones.

But they also let their children experience the consequences of their choices if they choose not to follow the right path.

Think of it this way…if Johnny is failing a class because he is not doing the work, it is not your responsibility to either do the work for him or try to cajole his teacher into changing a grade.

You’d be surprised how often teachers get calls and emails from parents requesting (aka demanding) that grades be changed.

As a good parent, you try to help Johnny set up a routine, make a plan for making up missed work, and remind him to do his assignments.

You hold him responsible for his responsibilities.

And if Johnny still chooses not to do the work, it’s Johnny who earns the failing grade on his report card.

And then the consequence of that failing grade is Johnny’s responsibility – whether it be grounding or even a missed opportunity to get into the college of his choice.

You are still a good parent if you try your best to guide your child and he still chooses the wrong thing.

Let me repeat that…

You are still a good parent if you try your best to guide your child and he still chooses the wrong thing.

As parents we beat ourselves up over the choices our children make, but that is not our responsibility.

Our responsibility is to model good choices, make those good choices available to them, and encourage them to do the right things.

It is also our responsibility to enforce the consequences of their bad choices.

That’s how they learn.

And it’s how to be a good parent.

You can do this.

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