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Veterans Day Books for Kids

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Round out this Veterans Day with this list of Veterans Day books for kids (including read-alouds!)

Why Read Books for Veterans Day?

On Veterans Day, we remember with gratitude the service men and women who served our country.

It is a day that should be marked with gratitude.

To help your kids understand and appreciate Veterans Day, they must know about our veterans.

You can talk to veterans you know, or you can read about veterans. These books will help you do that.

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Books for Veterans Day

Some of these Veterans Day books are about the holiday in general, while others focus on the contributions of service men and women.

Sam and Uncle Joe by Phoebe London

Veterans know a lot about healing from trauma, and they can be essential resources to a community.

This is the story of young Sam and his Uncle Joe, an army veteran and law enforcement officer.

When Sam’s friend loses his brother, Uncle Joe helps him heal.

The Poppy Lady by Barbara E. Walsh

This is the story of Moina Belle Michael, a Georgia teacher.

Michael worked to establish the red poppy as the symbol of honor and remembrance for soldiers during World War I.

You can follow the reading with a poppy craft!

My First Book of Military Superheroes by Sara Kale

With simplified text and illustrations, this book is best for the preschool years.

It covers the daily work of our military helpers in the four branches of the Armed Forces.

Otto’s Tales: Today is Veterans Day!

The Otto’s Tales series continues with one for the Veterans Day books list.

Join Otto and his best friend Dennis as they travel with Uncle Sam to learn about the different branches of the military.

Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood by Valerie Pfundstein

Veterans are in our family, neighborhood, and community.

This picture book features vibrant illustrations and rhyming text. It is one of the Veterans Day read aloud books.

Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day? by Grace Houser

Do your kids need background information on the holiday of Veterans Day? This book is your pick!

This book for young readers features eye-catching photographs and simplified texts for young readers.

There is even a glossary for unfamiliar words.

Hero Mom by Melinda Hardin

Not all superheroes wear capes.

This book highlights the heroism of moms who serve in our military.

Hero Dad by Melinda Hardin

Like the Hero Mom book, this beautiful watercolor book celebrates the heroism of the military dad.

Happy Veterans Day Coloring Book

This list of Veterans Day books for kids includes a coloring book!

This black and white coloring book has 100 pages with images with a military theme.

You can have your kids color while you read one of the Veterans Day read aloud books.

Veterans Day: November 11 by Jacqueline S. Cotton

This is one of the Veterans Day read aloud books. Designed for ages 3-6, the book features glossy photos and facts about the holiday.

Enriching Veterans Day Books

Don’t let November 11 pass you by without stopping to reflect and thank our military members.

These Veterans Day books for kids will enrich and enhance the holiday for you and your students.

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