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Waldorf Teacher Resources

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As a Waldorf teacher, you have specific needs for yourself and your classroom.

We’ve got a list of the essential Waldorf teacher resources.

Waldorf Teacher Resources

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What to Emphasize in Waldorf Education

A Waldorf education is a whole-child approach, allowing children to become free human beings.

It cultivates not only intellectual ability, but also artistic ability, practical knowledge, and social skills.

To that end, Waldorf educators must have classroom materials that traditional classrooms do not have, and educators must know how to lead and model in the Waldorf method.

Since Waldorf education involves lots of art, crafts, gardening, movement, storytelling, and imaginative play, the teacher must have the resources to implement this educational approach.

Waldorf Teacher Resources

Books About Waldorf Education

These books will help you understand and implement Waldorf education.

Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out by Jack Petrash

Written by a Waldorf teacher with 25+ years of experience, this book introduces you to the foundational concepts of Waldorf education, and how to teach kids to use their senses to develop thought, feeling, and personal intention.

It has specific sections on Waldorf preschool, grade school, and high school, and how to be an active, thoughtful, and reflective teacher.

How the Future Can Save Us: Fresh Perspectives on Waldorf Education by Stephen Keith Sagarin

This book brings Waldorf education into the future by offering a fresh perspective that still retains its living heart.

The book of essays centers around the seven core themes of education and how a Waldorf education can best cultivate those.

Online Waldorf Teacher Resources

You can find resources online to help you in the classroom.

Waldorf Teacher Resources

This website is a community forum for Waldorf teachers to share lesson plans, resources, and experiences.

West Coast Institute

If you are looking for formal training in the philosophy and implementation of Waldorf education, you can find courses available at the West Coast Institute.

Waldorf Teacher Resources

Waldorf Toys

Your classroom can be a rich environment when stocked with these Waldolf essentials.

Wooden Blocks

These gorgeous wooden blocks are the foundation of pretend play.

Balance Board

This wooden board can work as a chair, a lap desk, a stool, or a means of balancing.

Finger Puppets / Math Gnomes

Finger puppets or wooden peg dolls (called math gnomes) can help children visualize mathematical operations.

Waldorf Art Supplies

Artistic development is one of the hallmarks of Waldorf education.


Not only will you use traditional pencil crayons, but you will also use block crayons.

This beeswax set is made in the USA.


Forget the standard plastic tray of watercolors, these bottles in the primary colors are rich, long-lasting, and require kids to learn to form the secondary colors.

Peg Dolls

Wooden peg dolls offer opportunities to create and play.

You can decorate them with paints or fabric.


Handwork is an essential component of the Waldorf program, uniting heads, hearts, and hands.

You will need a supply of yarn for many of the knitting projects.

This is a variety pack of wool yarn in four colors.


These felt squares can be used in numerous projects, including decorating peg dolls.

Waldorf Teacher Resources

Waldorf Classroom Decor

The Waldorf classroom looks different from other classrooms.

All the decor is multipurpose, natural, and appealing to the senses.


Silk scarves in solid colors are the perfect multiuse classroom decor.

They can be wall art, tents, or dress-up items.

Kite Paper

Translucent kite paper is perfect for making window decorations, including Waldorf stars.


A lovely wooden calendar is both interactive and beautiful.

Waldorf Teacher Resources

Waldorf Storytelling

Storytelling is central to Waldorf education.

Tell Me a Story by Louise deForest

This volume contains 80 stories from those involved in Waldorf education.

They will delight young and old!

The Birthday Story by Lou Harvey-Zahra

This is a retelling of the classic Waldorf birthday story, told to each child on his or her birthday.

The Waldorf Book of Poetry by David Kennedy

With 425 poems on all subjects, you will find a poem to accompany any lesson or theme.

The Essential Waldorf Teacher Resources

This list of Waldorf teacher resources will prepare you for a wonderful and rewarding year with your class.

You do the preparation, both internal and external, and your classroom will be a fertile ground for children to grow and blossom.

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