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Weird Would You Rather Questions for Kids

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Let’s have some fun with these weird Would You Rather questions for kids!

“Would you rather” questions are a fun way to lighten up your school day!

Take a break from school work and get your friends and classmates giggling! 

Your teacher may even want to join in the fun, too!

Below are some truly bizarre scenarios for you and your peers to think about.

These delightful dilemmas will spark your imagination and keep you wondering!

Check out these 25 weird “Would You Rather” questions!

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25 Weird Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather…

…wear a chicken suit every Friday or a gorilla suit every Monday to school?

…have hair that changes color or shoes that make silly sounds?

…carry a joking talking backpack or a drawing magic pencil?

…have a class pet that’s a mini dragon or a robot that helps with your homework?

…eat ice cream for lunch every day or pizza for breakfast every day?

…do all of your homework bouncing on a trampoline or hiding in a treehouse?

…teleport to the school bathroom instantly or be in a bubble that repels bad smells?

…be friends with an invisible unicorn that only you can see or an alien that can copy any voice?

…have dancing school supplies or a backpack that organize itself?

…a teacher who speaks only in rhymes or one who wears a silly hat every day?

…have a locker that’s always full of your favorite snack or one with a secret passage?

…put on a magical uniform that makes you invisible or shoes that make you run super fast?

…go to a class about real-life superheroes or a class where you learn to talk to animals?

…have your school desks on wheels or chairs that are comfy bean bags?

…carry a talking backpack or one that’s a mini fridge for your snacks?

…go to a library where books come to life or a playground with bouncy floors?

…attend a school where that only uses emojis or a school where you can only whisper?

…have a robot friend who does your homework or a robot friend who makes jokes?

…get a teacher who can read your thoughts or one who can predict the future?

…go to a school made of giant LEGOs or a school where you can fly between classes?

…have a magical eraser disappearing things forever or a pen that brings doodles to life?

…go to a school with slides for stairs or a school with a roller coaster for transportation?

…have a cafeteria that serves only dessert or a vending machine full of school supplies?

…go to a school with talking chalkboards or dancing chairs?

…switch places with your teacher for a day or have recess all day long?

Fun Would You Rather Questions

Celebrate all of the holidays and seasons throughout the school year with the help of over 400 would you rather questions!

They come in both digital and print versions so you can easily display them on your Smartboard at the beginning of class or the school day!

Grab them HERE or by clicking on the image below!

Weird Would You Rather Questions

Get ready for some seriously silly discussions with your friends and classmates!

These wacky and weird “Would You Rather” questions for kids are really interesting.

From talking backpacks to dancing chairs, you’ll explore endless answers. 

As you play, you’ll share laughs with friends as you make some hilarious choices!

These weird “Would You Rather” questions are so much fun!

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