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100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

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Get to know your favorite people better with these fun 100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids!

100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

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What is Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is a quirky question game made for all ages. 

It’s simple, fun, and highly addictive. 

What’s great about playing this with the kiddos is that you will most definitely learn something about them. 

What they find silly, what they find gross, and of course, what they would rather do when they find themselves in a bizarre situation. 

Would You Rather is an awesome game to play in the classroom, at home, in the car, and just about anywhere!   

How You Could Use the Questions in the Classroom

For educational purposes, different Would You Rather questions can be asked depending on the lesson. 

Subjects like reading, writing, math, science, creative arts and more can be covered with the help of a few select Would You Rather questions.

Simple, basic questions are great for younger students. 

They can be a perfect ice breaker used as a discussion topic or even a movement exercise. 

Another type of Would You Rather question would be those that require an answer of value, moral, or belief. 

Ethical questions really give a good look at a students’ view of what matters to them as individuals. 

These are also wonderful questions for older kids to answer in essay form or even to use as a topic of debate.

Would You Rather questions are amazing tools to help students engage with one another, think critically, and learn a little something about themselves (and each other).

100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids for the Classroom

How You Could Use the Would You Rather Questions for Kids at Home 

A wonderful way to bring the family together is to play a little game of Would You Rather. 

With a wide variety of questions covering almost every topic, this game is sure to get everyone in the house involved. 

Would You Rather questions are a fun and interesting way to spend a night in. 

Exploring different scenarios and preferring different outcomes opens up a unique view to the family you thought you knew. 

Whether the question is silly or serious, you’re sure to see your kids, siblings, and significant others in a whole new light.

Why wait any longer?  Here’s a list of 100 Would You Rather questions to get you started!

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Would You Rather questions to ask kids

Would You Rather…

1…have a head the size of an apple or a watermelon?

2…jump into a pool of pudding or a pool of jello?

3…be able to fly or be invisible?

4…receive $100 gift or gift $1000 to charity?

5…pilot a plane or captain a ship?

6…dance or sing?

7…eat a worm or lick a slug?

8…do schoolwork in a group or by yourself?

9…be a racecar driver or a circus performer?

10…live in a forest or on a beach?

11…have a tail or wings?

12…give up brushing your teeth or brushing your hair?

13…have an elephant-sized cat or a cat-sized elephant?

14…be the smartest person in the world or the most beautiful?

15…get stung by a jellyfish or pinched by a crab?

16…live alone in a mansion or live with roommates in a shack?

17…be 10 feet tall or 1 inch tall?

18…have a pet shark or a pet tiger?

19…be really cold or really hot?

20…be a doctor or a dentist?

100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids - A fun game for home or school

21…be able to read minds or predict the future?

22…live in the middle of nowhere or in the center of a city?

23…only eat meat or only eat vegetables?

24…have no fingernails or no eyebrows?

25…be Robin Hood or be a king/queen?

26…live in a submarine or a spaceship?

27…be rich and unknown or poor and famous?

28…receive $1000 right now or $5000 in 5 years?

29…have to go over a bridge or through a tunnel?

30…be able to talk to animals or swim with fish?

31…be able to see ghosts or see fairies?

32…get free food once/month or give free food twice/month?

33…have jewels and riches or family heirlooms with no monetary value?

34…have a pet monkey or a pet dragon?

35…eat your favorite food every day or never eat your favorite food again?

36…visit with the tooth fairy or visit with the Easter bunny?

37…be able to breathe underwater or explore space?

38…live in an igloo or live in teepee?

39…get up early or stay up late?

40…be a dog or a cat?

100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

41…never have to sleep or never have to eat?

42…be outside or inside?

43…have a car or a phone?

44…write a 10-page paper or give a 10-minute presentation?

45…meet one of your ancestors or meet one of your future family members?

46…live on the moon or live on mars?

47…talk to an alien or talk to a ghost?

48…have an extra finger or an extra toe?

49…be covered in hair or have no hair?

50…have one eye or one ear?

Grab the Digital Slides Version of the Would You Rather Questions Here!

51…be able to only run all the time or to only walk backwards all the time?

52…be an eagle or be a dolphin?

53…move to a new house every 5 years or never move at all?

54…be telepathic or telekinetic?

55…be hit with a water balloon or a paint ball?

56…be able to only sing your words or yell your words?

57…go bowling or go curling?

58…eat sushi for life or tacos for life?

59…have a lot of distant acquaintances or a few close friends?

60…be rich in money or rich in love?

100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

61…be alone forever or surrounded by annoying people forever?

62…have your own theme park or your own zoo?

63…wake up in the middle of the desert or wake up in the middle of the ocean?

64…be feared by all or loved by all?

65…have more time or more money?

66…be Batman or Robin?

67…be someone else or stay yourself?

68…get stuck in an elevator or stuck on a ski lift?

69…go skydiving or parasailing?

70…always speak your mind or never speak again?

71…be a witch or a warlock?

72…end world hunger or put a stop to homelessness?

73…explore outer space or the search ocean?

74…read a book or watch a movie?

75…go scuba diving or snorkeling?

76…have good health or prosperity?

77…be able to play every musical instrument or speak every language?

78…be way too early or a little late for something?

79…win a Gold Medal or the Nobel Peace Prize?

80…have x-ray vision or supersonic hearing?

100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

81…be a cat with a dog personality or a dog with a cat personality?

82…only eat pizza for a year or never eat pizza for a year?

83…wear the same nice outfit every day or a different bad outfit every day?

84…be able to smell only bad things or never smell again?

85…be able to walk on water or breath underwater?

86…only eat cake forever or ice cream forever?

87…be super fast or super strong?

88…get $10 a day for the rest of your life or $1000 one time?

89…fly in a plane or in a helicopter?

90…be an unknown superhero or a well-known villain?

91…have 10 kittens or 10 puppies?

92…eat a whole lemon or an entire raw potato?

93…travel back in time or into the future?

94…have a pet dinosaur or pet robot?

95…be Superman/Wonder Woman or He-Man/She-ra?

96…be able to see through walls or walk through walls?

97…swing on a trapeze or walk a tight rope?

98…learn sign language or how to read lips?

99…have no taste or be colorblind?

100…lose all your money or all your memories?

Playing Would You Rather with Kids

This list of 100 Would You Rather questions is a great way to get started knowing your favorite people just a little bit better. 

Some of these questions are lighthearted, some are challenging, and some are just plain nonsense! 

Start off the next family night, school lesson, or road trip with a few of these questions or take a walk on the wild side, and make up your own!   

Digital would you rather questions Version for Distance Learning

Need a digital version of the Would You Rather questions to share with your students while teaching virtually? Check out my 100 Would You Rather Digital Slides with printable cards included!

100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids in Digital and Print Versions
100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids in Digital and Print Versions

Have fun!

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