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5 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

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5 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Whether it’s too rainy for an Easter egg hunt or you want to help your children celebrate the holiday, these quick and easy Easter crafts for kids are the perfect way to add a little Easter spice to your house and your heart.

5 Quick and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids


Celebrate Easter by immortalizing your child’s finger prints because he won’t always be this little! Perfect for children over the age of two, younger children can participate with extra help. Before you begin, gather white printer paper or construction paper. You will also need yellow paint, orange paint, a paint brush, paper plate, and a black marker. You should also have a damp cloth or paper towel to clean messy fingers.

Pour yellow paint onto a paper plate. With a piece of paper in front of each child, have them dip the desired finger in paint and press it to the white paper. After the body of the chick is created, allow your child to use the orange paint and paint brush to create legs. Two small orange Xs at the bottom of the print will create the chick’s legs. After the paint has dried, use the black marker to create two eyes and a triangular beak. Children may also paint the beak using the orange paint. Finger print chicks are perfect for making cards to send to family members, teachers and classmates.


Does your inquisitive child ask for a daily countdown to birthdays and holidays? If so, the Easter Egg Countdown craft is the perfect way to keep your child entertained in the days leading up to Easter. This activity is best for children three and older who are also learning how to count. Before you begin, you will need an empty egg carton, 12 plastic eggs in a variety of colors, a black Sharpe marker, Easter basket grass and tiny treasures (especially candy) to put in the eggs.

Allow children who are learning to write numbers to draw the numbers one through 12 on the plastic eggs. That backwards four may melt your heart and will give you and your child an opportunity to practice writing numbers correctly. Fill each egg with small candies. Older children may appreciate pennies, nickels and dimes to add to their piggy banks. Use the Easter basket grass to fill the holes of the empty egg carton. This craft offers a second learning opportunity by asking your child to put the eggs in numerical order. This quick craft will provide days of enjoyment as your child cracks an egg for 12 days leading up to Easter.


If your child loves the song Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Easter Bunny footprints are the ideal craft for her. Perfect for children over the age of three, younger kids will still enjoy the trail of bunny footprints leading to their Easter baskets on Sunday morning. You will need white and pink felt, scissors and glue. To eliminate the need for glue, choose pink felt with a sticky backing.

Cut the white piece of felt into the shape of a bunny’s foot. An oval shape will also do the trick. Keep in mind, you will need enough footprints to create a trail. Ten is usually a safe bet. Cut the pink felt into ten smaller ovals. You will also need pink circles to create the toes, using three small circles per footprint. Glue the pink pieces to the white ovals. Allow the craft to dry. On Easter morning, before your child wakes up, create a trail of Easter Bunny footprints from your child’s bedroom to her Easter basket. The whole family will love the joy on her face as she follows the path left by the Easter Bunny.

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Your child will take pride in creating his own Easter Bunny basket that will soon be filled with delicious candies. Children two and older will enjoy this craft. Before you begin, collect one empty egg carton per child. You will also need Easter grass, cotton balls, two pink pompoms per basket, pink construction paper, scissors, glue, two wiggly eyes per child and pipe cleaners.

If your child is old enough to use scissors, trace a bunny head onto the pink construction paper. Use a simple sketch with a circle for the face and two oval bunny ears. Pull cotton balls to stretch the cotton then glue them to the pink ears. Using a separate cotton ball and two pink pompoms, create the bunny’s mouth, placing the white on top and two pink below. Glue crazy eyes and the Easter Bunny’s face is complete.

Cut the empty egg carton in half. Using the bottom half, glue Easter grass into the container. This will prevent the kitchen floor from being decorated with Easter grass for the next few months. Glue a pipe cleaner in the shape of an arch to the carton to create a handle for the basket. Do not pick the basket up by the handle until the glue has dried completely. Glue the bunny’s face to the small side of the rectangular carton. To add a little more flair to this Easter basket, glue a cotton ball on the opposite side of the carton to give the Easter Bunny a tail!


Candy isn’t just for Halloween and neither are the costumes! Kids will love creating felt bunny ears that they can wear on the days leading up to Easter. Perfect for kids over the age of two, younger children will also enjoy wearing Easter Bunny ears. You will need stiff white felt, pink felt, glue, scissors and one white headband per child. A hot glue gun will make the task of adhering the ears to the headband much easier, but use with caution.

Cut two ovals from the white felt. Using the pink felt, cut two smaller ovals. Help your child glue the pink to the white. Using the hot glue gun, attach the bunny ears to the headband. Allow the craft to dry before turning your child into the cutest Easter Bunny imposter!

Hippity-Hoppity Easter’s on its way! Use these quick and easy Easter crafts to get your kids pumped for the coming holiday. Kids will love getting in the spirit while they dream of the Easter Bunny and the delicious treats that will be left on Easter morning.


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