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Ladybug Headband Kids Craft

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Ladybug Headband Kids Craft

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We’ve been studying ladybugs a lot lately and currently have a ladybug habitat in full hatching swing.

It’s that creepy-cool science that we love with a healthy dose of “if those things get out, we’re going to have a problem.” Know what I mean?

Ladybug Headband Kids Craft

This post contains affiliate links.

So, between reading books like Ladybug Girl by Jacky Davis and stocking up on ladybug facts, we, of course, needed to make a quick kids’ craft to go along with our study.

Enter the quick and easy ladybug headband.

With just a few simple supplies, kids can whip up a headband to wear as they navigate a ladybug unit study or when they’re helping in the garden.

Either way, the craft will take about 15-minutes total and makes for a perfect learning-in-progress photo prop!

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Craft for Kids: Easy Ladybug Headband

Ages: 2+ (with adult supervision)

**Time:**15 minutes

Materials Needed:

  • Black marker
  • Safety scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Red construction paper
  • Black construction paper
Ladybug Headband Kids Craft


  1. Cut the red construction paper into a long strip (about 4″ wide) to fit around your head.
  2. Color black circles on the red band using the marker.
  3. Cut two antenna out of the black construction paper and glue or staple them to the band.
  4. Staple the ends of the band together and you’re ready to wear your ladybug headband. Have fun!

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And, if you’d like your own ladybug habitat, this is the one we use and recommend!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.