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25 Easter Would You Rather Questions

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Start some hoppin’ conversations this year with these fun (and funny!) 25 Easter Would You Rather Questions for kids!

Would You Rather Questions for Easter

Easter is full of bunnies, baskets, chocolate and jellybeans.  But how do you keep the kids entertained after the Easter baskets have been found? 

Check out some of these awesome thought-provoking Would You Rather Questions that will surely bring some Easter-themed fun this holiday!

25 Easter Would You Rather Questions

Easter Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would You Rather…

  1. … eat a chocolate cream egg or a marshmallow peep?
  2. … be best friends with the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy?
  3. … have a bunny cotton tail or bunny ears?
  4. … search for Easter eggs in a meadow or in a forest?
  5. … eat a giant chocolate bunny or a giant jellybean?
  6. … find an Easter basket full of candy or full of money?
  7. … only eat carrots for a month or only eat carrot cake for a month?
  8. … have Easter grass for hair or jellybeans for teeth?
  9. … dress like the Easter bunny for a day or dress like a Peep?
  10. … search for Easter eggs in the rain or in the snow?
  11. … give an Easter basket or get an Easter basket?
  12. … live in a field of tulips or a field of dandelions?
  13. … hop like a bunny or waddle like a duck everywhere you go?
  14. … keep all of the Easter candy for yourself or share all of the candy?
  15. … eat a chocolate egg full of peanut butter or full of caramel?
  16. … dye real eggs or buy plastic eggs?
  17. … pet a baby bunny or pet a baby chick?
  18. … have an Easter egg hunt inside or outside?
  19. … eat lettuce with every meal or eat carrots with every meal?
  20. … talk to the Easter bunny or dance with the Easter bunny?
  21. … ride on the Easter bunny’s back or swing from his floppy ears?
  22. … decorate 100 Easter eggs or search for 100 Easter baskets?
  23. … swim in a pool of jelly beans or a pool of marshmallow peeps?
  24. … find a basket with 1 giant chocolate egg or 10 little chocolate eggs?
  25. … eat breakfast or eat dinner with the Easter bunny?
25 Easter Would You Rather Questions

Kids’ Easter Would You Rather Questions

Asking these Easter-themed Would You Rather Questions is the perfect way to laugh, surprise, and entertain everyone this holiday! This easy-to-play game is fun and engaging for all ages. 

Would You Rather questions aren’t just amazing at Easter time!  Check out these 100 Would You Rather Questions that you can ask all year round! 

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